Butt Plugs – A guide for beginners

Butt Plugs – A guide for beginners

Yes, for all you anal novices out there that are just one step inside the vast world of pleasure known as butt stuff, this article is for you. It’s not like people have started to feel comfortable about talking about anal sex quite recently, but for some reason, butt plugs don’t receive the love and affection they deserve. This article is the perfect read if you’re willing to stomp towards unknown waters of anal sex. We’ll be covering the very basics about butt plugs as well as why people like purchasing them. We’ll discuss the different types and end with the features you should look for purchasing a butt plug. Let’s jump right into it…

What Are Butt Plugs?

If you’re looking for the textbook definition, then butt plugs are basically like dildos but instead of going in the front, they go in the back. That’s probably a simple enough definition. But, did you know that they were actually made for therapeutic uses but we really have no idea what diseases butt plugs could cure. They were named Dr. Young’s Ideal Rectal Dilators back in the early 1900.

Soon after, it was discovered that the medical devices were being used for non-medical reasons, literally every safety or health organization in the United States banned Dr. Young’s equipment from being sold. So, moving on, let’s glance on the topic of why folks tend to like butt plugs.

Why Do People Even Use Butt Plugs?

There’s two sides to this story and two completely different reasons why men and women like to use butt plugs. We’ll discuss both reasons individually.

For Men

The honest answer would be that men are actually not used to anal play and most men portray indulging in anal activities as somewhat gay. But, this is 2018 and men feel more comfortable, and even enjoy anal play more than standard masturbation. There’s a sensitive gland located about three or four inches above the butt hole which is called the prostate. And, the reason men use butt plugs is to massage the prostate. If you don’t know, massaging the prostate can also induce a state of orgasm much more effective and powerful as compared to stimulating the penis. It is said that massaging the prostate will induce an orgasm that will send your whole body into shivers.

For Women

Women mostly use butt plugs for the added pleasure. Stimulating both the vagina and the rectum does offer a greater climax than either could on their own. But, another popular reason would be to please their partner. When a butt plug is inserted, the amount of space in the pelvis is reduced. This makes the vagina feel tighter and makes it much more pleasureable.

Types of Butt Plugs

There’s not really a single number on the types of butt plugs out there. We did our research and found out that almost all butt plugs can be classified into the following categories.

If none of these seem like a viable option, do your own scraping. You might find a category that we missed.

Using a Butt Plug

Before we get to choosing good butt plugs, we’d like to take a brief detour and discuss how to use one. Butt plugs are generally meant to be inserted and left in place, but you could move it around a little bit for added climax. It depends on the type of plug you own, if you’re into moving the plug, just buy a vibrating one that can do it for you and keep your hands free.

The first thing you should do is apply a lubricant. Each type of material requires different sort of lubricating. A butt plug usually has this information on the back of the packaging. The pack will tell you what type of lube to use as well as the recommended amount. If you’re going to be using the plug for longer hours, make sure you reapply the lubricant every hour. The plug will become really uncomfortable if you don’t do so.

That is pretty much it. Using a butt plug is not really rocket science, just one round in and you’ll feel like you’re a pro.  If you do want to know more check out my how to use a butt plug post.

How Can I Choose a Good Butt Plug?

Now, it’s time to get to the real subject of this article. This part will answer the question, “Which is the best plug for my needs?”. There are quite a few tips here so grab a pen and write this stuff down because it’s really important.

Buying a Set

Buying a set is optimal for most beginners as everyone on the internet will suggest buying one with a small size to start with. But, as they start becoming used to anal play, the small plug will be barely noticeable. Now, they’ll have to throw out their current plug and buy a new one. This is sort of a chain reaction that never really stops. The best thing to do would be to buy a set. There are dozens of sizes in a set and will keep you good to go for more than few months and sometimes even years!

Choosing the Lubricant Before the Plug

The optimal way to do this would be to buy a plug, and then buying the lubricant that goes with it. But, sometimes, this method is highly inefficient. Everyone has their own preference and sometimes people feel really uncomfortable with a lube they have to stick with just because that’s the only product working with their plug. To help with this, you can do things the other way. Experiment a bit and find a lubricant that works with you and feels comfortable. Once you’ve decided on the lube, buy the plug that goes with it. This is a great way to save you the trouble of buying multiple plugs and literally throwing money out the window.


The flexibility, or rigidity of your plug mostly depends on how and where you plan to use the plug. Most folks don’t really care about the flexibility as it’s not the most crucial aspect of a butt plug. However, if you want to grab some groceries while a stiff and firm plug is inside doing its job, walking will be a pretty challenging task. You will be moving but the plug won’t. If you want a more mobile plug, then buy something that is flexible. The plug will feel a lot comfortable while walking or sitting down. However, if you plan to just use the plug in one position, feel free to buy a rigid plug as it fits your requirements.

Health and Safety

This is an important part of this guide so make sure that you put your reading glasses on. Anal plugs are usually pretty safe but only if they’re designed correctly. There’s a significant difference of design between plugs and dildos. This is because a dildo is a hand-held device and there’s no chance of it disappearing inside a vagina. But, plugs can disappear inside your rectum since they’re so small. To prevent this, plugs have a base with a larger diameter to take over-insertion out of the equation. However, some companies are still manufacturing plugs with smaller bases. These plugs could easily slip inside and get lose. This seems like something that would happen in an adult comedy, but this scenario is entirely possible. Just remember this while you’re buying a plug; pick something that keeps the fun ‘fun’. Don’t buy a plug that kills the vibe because you were in the need of a visit to the ER.


This is another important point and just like the lubricant, the material of the plug should feel comfortable. At first, differentiating between materials can be quite difficult, but once you experiment, you should figure out which one is the most comfortable. A few materials include wood, glass, steel, plastic, rubber and jelly but the most liked one is silicone. Silicone is an extremely comfortable and flexible material. It can be easily cleaned by sticking it in hot water. Silicone is highly recommended for folks that are going to be sharing their things as the material is non-porous. The only downside is that silicone is expensive. If you’re struggling with the material, then purchasing silicone is a safe bet.

Good Reviews

There’s not much to say about this tip. Just like any other unfamiliar product, check customer reviews before you purchase a product. This is important because a plug is mostly about the comfort and ease of use. You can easily find the extent of a plug in both those fields by reading reviews from previous users. A pretty easy way to see if the plug is worth the cash.

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