Big toys for bad girls

Big toys for bad girls

“Give it to you,” he said.  I explained my new dildo to the New Boy and sent him a photo. His answer was, “I think my ass just closed forever.” He couldn’t wait to try it when I told him it was for ME, not him.

I told him that in the first few minutes, you can’t just shove something like that inside a girl, right?  He was happy to compel.  He knelt among my legs and scratched for a long time at my pussy.  He kept saying, “Oh, you’re going to be ready…” I didn’t want to stop him.  I’ve been spoiled by the last few boys I’ve been with and now I want to make sure I get some head for me too before the night is over.  If I discover a man who’s doing it right, I want it, a lot, and often.  So I let him go on even though I wanted to break what I think is an significant rule of checking sex toy.

Rule #1. The sex toy you have to USE.

When he reached the Dai Do 3, I whined a little and moved his delicious mouth away from me. He sat between my legs, sliding it out of the black satin pocket and lubbing it with a silicone lubricant.

Rule #2.  Lube is fitting almost anything.

(And by the way, metal and silicone lube go together like… well, cock and pussy.) He was running the dildo along with my pussy, it was cold, but I knew it wouldn’t last long.  Usually I’m not one for temperature play, I appreciate how rapidly this vibrator will adapt to my body temperature.  He pressed it against my hole… I breathed deeply, and he pushed it inside me on exhale. Slowly.  Because I felt it going in, thank God for the lube.  It slipped smoothly, stretching me out, but smoothly.  I’ve been prepared for it.  He pushed it inside of me until the first groove was reached.

This is just swallowing you pussy,” he said, opening his eyes wide.

WHAT? I laughed, “Do you say my pussy’s just a gaping big hole?”Rule #3 Bigness is complimentary only if you’re a man.  (This isn’t really as much a RULE as it’s just a nice thing to remember) He laughed, telling meno-it’s narrow, but I’m taking it well.  A nice girl like that.  It filled me up to the next ridge, and the last one, until it did not go any further.  The strong phallus feels even larger, just shy of two inches in diameter, 8 inches long.  The weight pressing my pussy’s walls, it was beautiful.  I guided him to lower the base so my g-spot was pressed by the big tough shaft.  He grabbed a feeling against my clit and rubbed it.  My hips were shaking and my voice was whispering.  He began pushing it shallow, quicker, deeper into me.  I was prepared to cum, prepared to grip this tough dildo even harder and claim a love like no other… Then it occurred.  He began to pull it out, then slid it back in.  Out and out. And… fucking… stop.  Stop. STOP!!!

The ridges… My bone in the pelvic.


Maybe this is how my pussy is constructed.  The ridges tapped against my pelvic bone, rubbing.  It was unpleasant, not painful.

Rule #4, Big is nice, but not better at all.


I was just too nervous once that happened to let him go, even if he stopped thrusting.  Damn… I was so near to fucking.

I used it again, by the manner, alone, with a good vibrator.  I was able to locate the correct positioning in my own hands.  No pushing in and out, though knowing precisely how to push it, the rubbing was much less.  I don’t believe everybody would have the same problem.  I have a very tiny pelvis (why doctor thanks!).  It is a genetic thing.  And being so packed with the vibration.  It gave me a wonderful orgasm where my body grabbed this huge dildo so hard that it almost slipped out of me. (Okay, maybe “slide” is a loose word) Eden Fantasys holds the entire range of Dai Do toys, including a smaller version of this dildo, the Dai Do 4.  Which isn’t as dense and not as deep as the ridges.  Maybe I ought to attempt this one.  I believe maybe it was ideal.

But if you do want a big dildo, why not try black?