Big toys for bad girls

“Give it here,” he said.  I had told the New Boy about my new dildo and sent him a picture. His response had been, “I think my ass just closed forever.”  When I told him that it was for ME, not him… he couldn’t wait to try it out.

I told him I needed to be worked up to it… you can’t just shove something like that inside a girl in the first few minutes, right??  He was glad to oblige.  He knelt between my legs and licked at my pussy for a long time.  He kept saying, “oh you’ll be ready… ”

I didn’t want him to stop.  The last few guys I’ve been with have spoiled me and now I want to make sure that before the night is through, I get some head for me too.  If I find a guy who does it well, then I want it, a lot of it, and often.  So I let him continue even though I wanted to break what I consider to be an important rule of sex toy reviewing.

Rule #1. You gotta USE the sex toy.

I whined a little when he reached for the Dai Do 3 and moved his delicious mouth away from me.  He sat between my legs, as he slid it out of the black satin bag and lubed it up with some silicone lubricant.

Rule #2.  Lube makes almost anything fit.

(and by the way, metal and silicone lube go together like… well, cock and pussy.)

He ran the dildo along my pussy,  it was cold- but I knew this wouldn’t last long.  I am not usually one for temperature play, I do enjoy the way that this vibe will adjust to my body temperature pretty quickly.  He pushed it against my hole… I took a deep breath, and on exhale, he pushed it inside me.  Slowly.  Thank God for lube, because I felt it going in.  It slid it smooth, stretching me, but in a gentle way.  I was ready for it.  He pushed it inside me, until it reached the first groove.

“Wow- you’re pussy is just swallowing this,” he said, his eyes opened wide.

WHAT? I laughed, “Are you saying that my pussy is just a big gaping hole??”

Rule #3 Being big is only complimentary if you are a guy.  (This isn’t really a RULE as much as it’s just good to remember)

He laughed, telling me no- that it’s tight, but that I was taking it good.  Such a good girl.  It filled me to the next ridge, and the last one, until it just wasn’t going any farther.  Just shy of two inches in diameter, 8 inches long, the solid phallus felt even bigger.  The weight pressing against the walls of my pussy, it was lovely.  I directed him, to lower the base so the large hard shaft was pressing against my g-spot.  He grabbed a vibe and rubbed it against my clit.  My hips started to shake and my voice quivered.  He started pushing it, faster, deeper in to me, shallow.  I was ready to cum, ready to grip even harder around this hard dildo and claim a love like no other…

Then it happened.  He started thrusting- pulling it out, then sliding it back in.  Out and in.. out and… fuck… stop.  Stop. STOP!!!

The ridges… My pelvic bone.


Perhaps it’s the way my pussy is built.  The ridges were tapping, rubbing, against my pelvic bone.  It was not painful, but uncomfortable.

Rule #4, Big is good but not always better.


Once that happened, I was just too nervous to let him continue, even if he stopped thrusting.  Damn… I was so fucking close.


By the way, alone- I did use it again, with a nice vibrator.  In my own hands, I was able to find the right placement.  No thrusting in and out- although knowing exactly how to move it, it was a lot less of the rubbing.  I don’t think this issue would be the same on everyone.  I have a particularly small pelvis (why thank you doctor!).  It’s genetic.  With the vibration, and being so filled.  It did deliver me a fantastic orgasm in which my body gripped down so hard on this massive dildo that it practically slid out of me.  (Ok, maybe “slide” is a loose term)

Eden Fantasys carries the whole line of Dai Do toys, including a smaller version of this dildo, the Dai Do 4.  Which is not as thick and the ridges are not so deep.  Perhaps I should try this one.  I think it might have been perfect.

But if you do want a big dildo, why not try black?

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