Bending the Stud

I was pretty excited when I saw this toy. It was the last in my shipment from VibeReview and I wanted to wait, hoping I was saving the best for last. Really it’s hard to get better than Goliath… I’ll admit. However, this one certainly did the trick.

The EZ Bending Stud made me giggle when I opened it.

The silicon is great. It doesn’t taste or smell weird. Sometimes different materials smell strange. Most often it’s very much like nail polish remover or Dry Erase Markers. This material has no scent to it, and no weird taste either. Definitely a plus. You need to use water based lube with silicon toys. I got some ID Juicy in Strawberry Kiwi. I really like it. It tastes good, and smells nice. (This is also a great lube for oral. You can go from hand job to blow job without that yucky ‘lubey’ taste.)

It vibrates, which is another plus- although I primary do not need my dildo’s to vibrate. The generous veins on the Stud carry the vibrations nicely through it. The material is pliable and can be used to vaginal or anal without feeling too invasive.

It’s waterproof too. Most toys, while waterproof, still leave me with a sore wrist since I want to angle it standing up. The Stud makes this wonderfully possible.

Now for the bending action. It’s crazy!! I had a lot of fun putting this into weird shapes to be honest. It’s got these “Barbie knees” that sort of snap when you bend it. I made a crazy U shape. An S. I was able to bend this in 90 degree angle, and sort of pull it towards me so it was shallow thrusting and still somewhat vibrating on my g-spot. I did not notice that the inserted part clicked out of form when it was inside me, but the part I was holding on to, seemed to and while it wasn’t bothersome in feel, the sound sort of threw me off. CLICK CLICK!!!!

When it’s used with a partner, that is when the length really comes in handy. I tend to thrust deep when I’m fucking myself, not really pulling it out- what can I say, I’m greedy! However, when the EX used it on me, he took full advantage of the length. Thrusting long, back and forth. I could feel the natural shaped head, not rubbing, but grazing (mmmmm gooood) across my gspot since he had it bent it in a deliberate angle. Back and forth. Unless a cock is particularly curved upwards, it’s not going to do that. It will rub and push against it, yes, the side of the head with the same amount of pressure that is applied to the rest of the vaginal canal. But when the tip of the head seems to be pushing and rubbing back and over that area, it sends me into orbit. I have yet to meet a cock that curves upwards that much, but when I do— look out!! For now, this will have to do. That plus the vibrations, the soft pliable material that warms quickly to you body, oh this is a winner.

While this toy is not marketed as a G-spot toy, it can surely be used as one. I worry that too much bending back and forth will loosed the joints and keep it hard to hold it’s shape. There are a lot of g-spot toys on out there, but so far most of them are harder more rigid toys, vibes and such. This one definitely has that “it feels more real” feel to it.

It almost feels like the cock I think I’ve been waiting all my life to meet.

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