10 Inch Explorer

My eyes are bigger than my pussy.



This is the 10″ Explorer.  I was so excited about it- but I just didn’t think it was really as big as it looked.  I don’t SEE 10 inches often enough to know HOW big it is.

So the specs:

The Colt Products are made by Cal Exotic’s.  I looked it up both on XR’s site and on the Cal Exotic site and it doesn’t say that it’s phthalate free.  It is described as ” Hygienically superior. Easy handling, solid, and non-porous.”  Non-porous means that it can be sterilized, so that makes me feel good.  The ridge that you see is smooth.  2 inches in diameter at it’s widest point.  2 inches…

It’s wonderfully massive and I pretty much mounted it the minute I got it out of the package.  It’s been a long day, and I knew it was waiting for me when I got home.

Ok… first, I washed it.  It’s a rubber material or something… it smells kind of like a tire- but I didn’t smell that the second I took it out of the package.  You get your nose close to it, and yeah, there it is- but it wasn’t an “overwhelming, out of the package, what the fuck IS that?” smell right out.  So I washed it- and lubed it.

And then, yeah.

I totally fucked it.

The pliable and bendable material makes you feel filled but not quite as invaded as harder materials.  Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE the Goliath by Tantus, which is about the same it width but that isn’t very flexible.  This one is, and I like that.

It’s part of the Stimulus Sale going on at ExtremeRestraints.com right now.  The sale is going on NOW.  So check it out.  There’s a lot of different items, from the more vanilla vibes to a Leather Straight Jacket (which is expensive but still marked almost in HALF).

Head on over.

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