10 Inch Explorer by Cal Exotic’s

10 Inch Explorer by Cal Exotic’s

My eyes are greater than my pussy.


This is the 10″ Explorer.  I was so excited about it, but I thought it wasn’t as large as it looked.  I don’t often enough SEE 10 inches to understand how large it is. So the specs: Colt Products are produced by Cal Exotic’s.  I looked up at both the XR website and the Cal Exotic website and it doesn’t say it’s phthalate-free.  It is defined as “superior in hygiene. Easy, strong, and non-porous handling. “Non-porous means it can be sterilized, so I feel nice.  The ridge you are seeing is smooth.  At the widest point, 2 inches in diameter.  It’s beautifully large, 2 inches… and I installed it fairly much the minute I got it out of the pack.  It was a lengthy day, and when I got back, I knew it was waiting for me.

Okay… I cleaned it first.  It’s a rubber material or something… it smells like a tire, but I didn’t smell it out of the package the second time.  You’re getting your nose near it, and yeah, it’s there-but it wasn’t an “overwhelming, out of the package, what the fuck is that?”Exactly smelling.  I cleaned it, then, and lubbed it.

And, yeah, then.

I fucked it completely.

The pliable and bendable material makes you feel as filled as hard metals, but not as invaded.  Don’t mistake me, I love Tantus ‘ Goliath, which is about the same length but not very flexible.  This is, and that’s what I like.

It’s component of the current Stimulus Sale at ExtremeRestraints.com.  NOW is the sale going on.  So take a look at it.  There are many distinct products, ranging from the more vanilla vibes to a straight leather jacket (which is costly but still almost tagged in HALF).

Go over. Head over.