Doxy Diecast

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A post from a friend of mine, who will be posting on here now and again with reviews of the toys that he uses, or toys that may occasionally be sent out to him for honest reviews. This is a review of Doxy Diecast. 


Lo and behold I was given the Mercedes Benz of the sex toy world, winner of the 2016 Best New Female Product it is of course the Doxy Die Cast. I think other than my degree this is the best thing I have ever received in the mail, no joke. Some part of me feels I am not worthy to review the Queen of Orgasms, but if you bear with me, I shall humbly attempt to try.


Boring stuff first – here are the specifications:

  • Total Length: 34cm
  • Handle Length: ~24cm
  • Handle Circumference: ~15cm
  • Head Length: ~8cm
  • Head Circumference: ~20cm
  • Power Source: Mains Wired
  • Wire length: Over 9ft!

The handle is made of a sexy aluminium/titanium alloy which gives the wand a heavy sturdy feel. The head is made of finest medical grade silicone. When I said this was the best sex toy, I was not joking. Taken from the Doxy Website: “The body is made from a polished aluminium/titanium alloy manufactured at our Cornwall foundry using a high pressure (550 tons) injection, cold chamber die casting machine.” Now I don’t know what 550 tons of pressure means in terms of casting aluminium but I do now that Doxy have not cut any corners – this is a premium, luxury sex toy. Which leads me nicely on to…

First Impressions

The Doxy arrived in a plain white cardboard box. Inside was a light grey hard rectangular case with a diamond pattern fabric. A large zip ran down the length of the case and I opened the case to reveal the Doxy nestled snug in foam. Removing the Doxy from the case felt like unsheathing a mythical sword, and I was eager to use it. The first thing I noticed was the weight. The rough weight of the Doxy Die Cast is 830 grams of which a large amount is the handle. From what I have read the head is the same size as other Doxy’s which allows for cross compatibility of attachments.


I asked my partner if she would be interested in reviewing the Doxy with me. She showed reasonable interest… by which I mean she nearly ripped my arm off when I opened the case. To start with, we lubed up the head of the Doxy with water based lubricant, plugged it in then turned it on. The Doxy has 3 buttons around halfway down the handle. They are relatively large and they light up when plugged in which makes it very easy to control.

There are 8 alternating speed settings ranging from “ooh, lovely” to “oh shit” and boy did we try them all. My partner preferred the lower settings in use as that’s just how she rolls as even the low settings with the doxy are still high compared to other toys.

The Doxy’s ergonomic handle was also very handy when using the Doxy during sex. I recommend doggy style as the position leaves the clit free to place the wand on. Fun fact: I was able to feel the vibrations whilst in my partner quite clearly and it was amazing. Oh and she loved it too.

We’ve had other wands before, Lovehoney’s wired wand did the job for a while but the head is quite a rigid material and the control can be knocked easily. I have also reviewed the Tantus Rumble which just didn’t have the power and the head was a little wide. So after trying both of those the Doxy just blew them out of the water. I honestly would not go back to another wand after using the Doxy.

My partner very much enjoyed the Doxy even as a masturbator, it allowed her to climax quickly on high settings or build up to a toe-curling, leg-shaking orgasm on lower settings. The bondage applications of the Doxy are great, particularly when my partner was tied and exposed, unable to move and I could play with the sensitivity. One easily forgotten but vital feature is the long-ass wire which is so long it negates the problem wired wands have, which is that they sometimes can’t reach certain zones of the bed, or must be angled a certain way to do so.


A true feat of engineering and style.


Okay before getting the Doxy I had been on the Doxy website and there was mention that the Doxy can be used as a massager. For me it has been a running joke since I watched Sex and the City that a neck massager never gets used on the neck but damned if I wasn’t going to try. I had pulled my back out at the gym and thought “why not” and let my partner massage my back with the Doxy. It’s great. The vibrations are firm and deep and I would definitely recommend the Doxy as a straight up non-erotic massager for after you’ve came like a hurricane with it. Try it on your aching thighs, shoulders, anywhere.



Cleaning is very easy with the Doxy. There isn’t many places for the lube to accrue so I simply wiped the head and handle down with an intimate wipe before and after use and I have had no problems. The aluminium/titanium alloy has not tarnished nor rusted nor do I expect to.


I think you know what I am going to say. The Doxy is fantastic. I love it. I really do. The Doxy rules its field and I would scoff at any challenger claiming to dethrone it. The price tag for the Die Cast is £159.68 which yes is a lot of money but you are paying for the best. If you could buy just one sex toy and you have £160 lying around then get the Doxy. You won’t regret it.

For future purchases you should know that the Doxy Diecast is getting a slight change of appearance, the handle will no longer be buffed to a shine, and will in fact have a matte finish, as seen in the picture below. 


This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review from MEO. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links have not been used in this post. 


It’s a well known fact that I’m a power queen, I like my vibrations and I like them powerful, deep and rumbly. I need them like that.

So as a power queen it can be somewhat expected that I’d want and need a wand. I mean, almost everyone has a wand now. I had wands, several in fact – they’d all been used a handful of times and then just forgot about, I couldn’t be bothered with them. I liked them don’t get me wrong, I just much preferred the pin point vibrations that the Tango offered me.


Although I’d abandoned several wands to the back of the drawer, I felt that pull. You know the one that you get when you see a particular toy, the need, the obsession. And then it’s everywhere. Everywhere you look you see people talking about it, you see its picture floating about; and your need intensifies (This can’t be just me right?!) and that’s what it was like with the Doxy, I needed it. I don’t know why I needed it, but something inside me told me that I did. So eventually I thought Fuck it, and purchased it.

The hype surrounding it had me elevated, almost everyone I conversed with told me how amazing it was. Cara Sutra said that she wished she could experience her first 30 second orgasm with the Doxy again. A 30 second orgasm? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. So when it arrived, I was overjoyed. I practically dragged the box from my poor postman, locked my door and ran up the stairs. Best thing about the Doxy?! The Super Long Power Chord. Fuck messing around with charging, I can just plug this shit straight in and get going. OK, so Cara said 30 second orgasm, I was ready for this; so in typical behaviour I called the boyfriend and advised him about this 30 second orgasm. The conversation went pretty much like this:

Me “Morning babe! MY DOXY IS HERE”

Him “Grumble”

Me “So now I need you to time me”

Him “Grumble…. Huh?”

Me “Cara said I can have a 30 second orgasm with this thing, so you’re going to time me whilst I fuck myself and let me know how long it takes. READY?”

After that he questioned why he doesn’t have a normal girlfriend, why shit like this always happens, Why I have to collect vibrators instead of purses but yes; he was ready. And so was I, I plugged this baby in, assumed the position; and in a true childish manner yelled ‘READY STEADY GO’ to my poor boyfriend who always manages to get dragged in to this shit.

What I noticed from first turning this on, is that it doesn’t switch on at the lowest setting, so I turned it down slightly to let my body adjust, and progressively turned it up. I say progressed – what that means, is it pretty much went up in speed with every passing second until it got to the highest setting. It was also heavier and bigger than I imagined, not in an uncomfortable way. The weight itself is evenly distributed and the long handle made it perfect to manoeuvre.

It felt amazing, my other wands didn’t feel like this at all. I put this down to the PVC (Wish it was a better material, but hey ho) head, all the other wands I banished had plastic heads, they were too hard. This however was heavenly, and in less than 30 seconds; my toes were curling and I was hit with a rather intense orgasm. It was truly amazing. Try it yourself, I’m calling it the 30 second challenge.

I really do love my Doxy, now – the first time I used it, it was great. The second time I used it, it didn’t really do anything for me and I couldn’t understand how I could have such a mind blowing experience the first time, and not even close to one the second time. I put it down to readiness, I wasn’t fully ready for it, therefore my body wasn’t ready for what it had to offer. Anytime I use it now, I’m more than ready for it, and it delivers every single time.

Another thing that is amazing for me, is the massage aspect; It feels fantastic. I constantly suffer from lower back pain. I’m somewhat of a giant, with large breasts and my back suffers. This is perfect for it, I lay on my tummy; turn it on and hold it on my lower back, moving it around in circles. It feels fantastic and really soothes the ache there, and the constant ache I get between my shoulder blades from being hunched over a desk for too long.

The Doxy has become my person masseuse and bringer of orgasms, never before have I understood why so many people love a wand and feel the need to own one; but now, now I get it. Doxy I salute you, may you continue to bring orgasms and massages to all around.

Seriously give it a try, it may very well be one of the best decisions you make.

If you’d like to purchase the Doxy wand, you can do so from SexToysUK.

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo


Pure Wand is a beautifully presented and crafted stainless steel dildo by njoy. It is classed as a luxury item, and it’s not very hard to see why!

The packaging

This stunning stainless steel masterpiece comes elegantly presented in a luxurious satin-lined hinged box, making this an ideal present for someone or even yourself. Included in the box is a booklet which gives details on how to maintain your njoy, clean it and other items included in within the njoy range


How it looks

The njoy pure wand is crafted from pure, hypoallergenic, medical grade stainless steel which will never corrode or degrade, it is hand polished giving it a beautiful shine.

It comprises of two bulbous ends of different sizes the smallest end being 3.1 inches in circumference and the largest 4.75 inches. These ends are connected by a glorious curved shaft making this the ideal toy for G spot stimulation. It has a total length of 9 inches, with an insertable length of 8 inches.

Due to the material being stainless steel it has an approximate weight of 1.5lbs (680g)


For simple every day cleaning then use warm water and soap using a dry cloth to dry and polish it after to keep it shining. You can also sterilize it in boiling water.

Refrain from cleaning you’re your toy with an abrasive cleaner or a pad, this really is the only thing that will damage your toy.


This wand is compatible with all lubricants. Since the dildo is smooth, you will find that a little lubricant does wonders. You do only need a small amount, using too much would make it incredibly slippery.

Temperature Play

Toys like this are perfect for temperature play, why not send your senses in over drive and add that a little bit more excitement to your solo or duel play.

To heat up simply hold the dildo under the warm tap, or submerse it in warm water. And to cool down again just hold under the cold tap or again submerse in cold water.

For added fun in the bedroom why not have a jug of both warm and cold water and try both.

Do not put your wand in the freezer; this could really hurt you as freezing items put on warm moist items tend to stick – Ouch!

And as with the freezer do not put it in the microwave either!


My Opinions

Ok, so I’ve lusted after a stainless steel dildo for so long I wanted one so badly, nay I needed one. It became a must have essential item, and as any essential item I sought after it.

This is where disappointment struck; the ones I acquired gave the reaction of ‘Meh?’ so after a while I stopped wanting one, I no longer needed it. I was ruined by cheap imitations; ones that just poked my cervix or left me feeling rather unsatisfied.

I wanted, I acquired, they were tried and tested and left me feeling rather melancholy about the whole experience.

And then this beauty found its way to me. I was dubious, who wouldn’t be? I’ve tried so many others and they failed and well I’d rather have glass. I pushed my pessimistic thoughts aside and took the plunge and gave it a go.

Its times like this that make me thank the creator for blessing me with a vagina. A vagina that felt everything this pure wand had to offer, and I was offered a lot. I was sent to blissful orgasmic ecstasy and then back again desiring more. And that was OK I could have more, because not only did the creator bless me with a vagina, it blessed me with the ability to have multiple orgasms, and in this moment I’d never loved the creator more.

The Njoy wand gave me everything I’d wanted in a metal dildo, everything I’d lusted after.

The curved shaft was perfect; it effortlessly directed the weighty bulbous end to my G spot. The weight inside me felt breathtakingly amazing and making me feel fuller, whilst the orgasm made my body spasm and my toes curl.

And then I was converted, it wasn’t that stainless steel didn’t create fantastic dildos, it was that I purchased the wrong ones.

It was clear then that njoy stainless steel dildos were far superior to others on the market. Everything about them made them perfect from the packing, the way it was displayed to how the weight was evenly distributed throughout the wand making it the perfect pleasure giver.

If you’ve scoured for a metal dildo and came up short, or if you’re looking for one but are questioning the high price tag on the item – Don’t. Spend a little extra on quality, something that is going to last you a life time; this dildo is worth every penny.

Lovense Lush

Editor’s rating


Most people will know that long distance relationships are incredibly difficult to maintain. They’re hard work and sometimes, well, sometimes they can just suck! Being away from your partner on a regular basis is emotionally straining, and the lack of intimacy is more than a little frustrating. This is still true. Granted, technology has come a long way which makes the distance a little easier. It’s still difficult but there are ways to stay connected while apart.

I’m in a long distance relationship. Because of this, I’m always looking out for new technology coming on the market, something that’s going to make those long months away from each other a little more manageable. Mostly, what I’m looking for is something that’s going to make communication easier and something that’s going to enhance our long distance sex life.

I was recently sent the Lovense Lush, a Bluetooth bullet vibrator that’s designed for solo play, discreet public play and long distance play. The information that I had seen about this was that it, apparently, had strong rumbling vibrations, that it’s rechargeable, that it had unlimited vibrational options and was waterproof. It sounded pretty damn good, so I was understandably excited to give it a try.

Lovense Lush
Lovense Lush

The Lush comes securely packaged in a cardboard box. The box is incredibly sturdy so it can double as a storage box. However, it’s not overly discreet. The packaging is crammed with information about the vibrator. I’m actually amazed at how much information is on the box without it looking cluttered. Somehow, it actually manages to look rather clean. Inside the box, you’ll find the USB charging wire, the Lush and an information booklet. Tragically, it doesn’t come with a storage bag. Storage bags are one of those things that I feel all sex toys should come with. Thankfully, though, you can just pick one up separately easily enough, if you need somewhere discreet to store your toy.

Lovense Lush Box

A lovely sturdy box to keep your toy secure when not in use.

Before use, you have to charge up the Lush. To do this, simply plug the charger into a USB port or wall adapter (not included). I have to admit when I put the Lush on charge, I did feel like I was piercing it. It takes a little bit of force to get it in there and, honestly, the first time I did this I was worried that I’d broken it. My fear was short lived as, while the vibrator is charging, the button (near the charging port) lit up. A constant light will show while the unit is charging and the light will turn off once it has fully charged. A full charge will give you approximately 1.5-2 hours of playtime.

You can see below the difference between the 1st gen and the 2nd gen.


The Lovense Lush is made entirely from a matte textured silicone. Due to the fact this vibrator is wearable, the shape is a little hard to describe. There is a bulbous part that is internal and a ‘tail’ (it’s actually the antenna, but I can’t help but see it as a tail) that sits outside of the vagina, pretty much touching the clitoris. The shape, for me at least, reminds me of sperm, an association which I didn’t piece together until I was physically holding the vibrator. Now, all I can think about is sperm, every time I’m holding it.

Why I wanted the toy

I wanted this toy for the long distance aspect of it, which makes the following two features as important as the other. I say this because, although the quality of vibrator itself is hugely important, the quality of the app that comes with it is equally crucial. If the app is shit, then the vibrator is useless to me – as I found out with the OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex 2. But, I had a lot higher hopes for the Lovense software. So, let’s have a look at how easy this app is to install and set up.

Setting it up

The first thing I noticed when setting this up, was in downloading the application. You’re not able to just search for Lovense, because if you do , ALL THE THINGS will be found – and, notably, none of those things will be the thing you’re looking for! Instead you must search for Lovense Wearables. I’ll admit, that when I first looked at the user rating score of 3.8, I had a mixed reaction. Part of me was happy that  the application had a higher score than the OhMiBod fail that I’d previously used; the other part was a little sad that its score wasn’t higher than a 4. But then, I read the reviews, and I was really happy to see that replies had been made to several of the reviews asking for feedback of their issues. This made me incredibly happy as, to me, it shows that the company is interested in making their app better.

Setting up an account was effortless, and connecting the vibrator to the application was exactly how I would expect this process to go: painless, straightforward and easy! I’ve taken screen shots of the process, so most of it doesn’t have to be explained.

To connect the vibrator to the app, simply tap the button in the top right hand corner of the app. Then hold in the button on the vibrator for a few seconds. A light on the vibrator should flash. The Bluetooth on your phone should then find the vibrator. Click on your Lush and then everything is connected. Once connected, the vibrator light will no longer be flashing but will become steady. I’m amazed at how easy this process was; it actually took me less than a minute to connect up this vibrator.

So my side of the connection was pretty damn painless. It was time to make the OH download and see if his experience was just as easy…. and…. it was! HUZZAH.

He was able to connect to me easily – always a plus. The application has a chat function which, honestly, for me, is pretty useless as we’re generally on permeant Skype. However, I’m aware that it may not be useless for everyone else, so this was the first thing we tested. We had a little play about with the messages, saw how quickly they’d be received (since we were also on Skype at the time) and played around a little with the photos. By ‘played around’ I mean: I sent him a picture of my tits to make him happy, because he’s complained that my messages via text just ‘weren’t sexy enough’. All of these functions worked really well; messages were sent and received with no effort at all.

First use

It was then time to play with the vibrations, and this is where we also hit problems. By now we’d been playing with the application a good 20 minutes, the toy was connected and it hadn’t disconnected for either of us. However, when we started to actually use it, things went wrong.

  1. Visibility: he wasn’t really sure on what he was doing and, as such, just moved his finger around the screen. It turns out that little lightning bolt is the highest setting, and also where it displays the possibility of over-heating.
  2. Disconnection: not often, in honestly, but we were disconnected a handful of times.
  3. Vibrations: while in use, I complained to the OH that he was being a little bit too mean! He was letting me have the higher vibration for a few seconds and then moving it to the lower vibration a little too much for my liking. But when I complained to the OH about this, he advised me that he hadn’t yet moved his finger from what we determined was the higher vibration.

What next

So, with the issues at hand, we gave up. I was more than a little deflated as I was really hoping for more. I then proceeded to email Lovense in regards to the issues I had. And, this is where things began look up. Let me just say right now how impressed I am with Lovense. Seriously, I was incredibly impressed, and this is why:

I was emailed back and asked for details of both of our phones (my OH uses the One Plus One and I use the One Plus Two, both Android devices), screen shots and more details of the issues. He advised me that with problem 1 – that this wasn’t a problem with OH’s phone, it was, in fact, the way that the app was designed. He admitted that it was a bad design and informed me that an update for the app would be out later THAT DAY to rectify this issue. We weren’t quite sure why we had the disconnection problems, however, I’ve not had that problem since the app update (or it could also have been because of problem 3). Eddy advised me that problem 3 was because I had the first batch of toys. This model had a tendency to over-heat and, to stop them from overheating, they don’t stay on full power for over a certain amount of time. This is why the vibrations were going higher and lower when I complained to the OH. The newer model was then sent out to me so that I could have constant vibrations and provide a more accurate review.

So in testing, the OH and I had three issues when using this, and the three of those issues now seemed to be resolved.

Moving on to the newer model

The newer model (looking exactly the same) arrived and we put it to the test. The OH had been working a lot,so, when he was free, I didn’t want to spend my time with him pissing around with the application. I wanted to know what to expect and to test some of the initial problems that we had with it first(?), so that when the OH was home we could actually play – because: orgasms. So, I enlisted the help of one NaughtyReenie, during one of our Skype conversations. I said, “HEY! Reenie, would you like to control my vibrator?” Like you do. These are normal questions to ask friends right?! Reenie, like my OH, is also in Canada so the distance remained the same.

Reenie of course reveled in the idea, proceeded to download the app and create an account. This took, at most, three minutes. The problems we had were getting her to be able to connect, although I’d accepted her and we could chat to each other using the application, she didn’t have the controls to be able to control my vibe. We couldn’t figure out why. So we pissed around with the app for a little bit; closed it, opened it. She sent me screen shots. Eventually, I told her I was going to LOG OUT of the application, close the application then re-open it and log back in. She also did the same thing, and that seemed to do the trick. She was able to request permission to play with my vibrator. And play she did!

The controls worked great, there were no overheating issues, and we didn’t once disconnect in the 40ish minutes that we were testing everything. Reenie sent me cute messages (screen shot from Reenies phone above) and I also learned that she can be quite menacing when given control of someone else’s vibrator.

How did the newer model go?

SUCCESS! Or… so I thought.

When using the vibrator with my OH – properly and not just testing the controls – we run in to some other issues. So the original issues were no longer there, my partner and I weren’t disconnected like we had been previously, the vibrator didn’t overheat which meant that I could have it as powerful as I wanted for as long as I wanted he could have it as powerful as he wanted for as long as he wanted; all in all that was pretty good. However, I was bloody freezing (the temperature has really dropped here in the UK). As such, I decided to have a lazy wank, and what better way to lazily wank than to hand the controls of your vibrator to someone else, put it in and just lay back with your pants still on (knickers and trousers, I’m all class baby), and enjoy the pleasure? I couldn’t think of a much better lazy wanking plan to be honest, so this is what I did. Well, this is what I planned.

The Lush, however, had different plans. No, it didn’t disconnect me from my partner, it disconnected the vibe from the app. Regularly. So my lazy wank turned in to me laying in bed with my legs open and my mobile phone held practically on my crotch, so my phone could get reception from my vibe. I’m sure I looked as classy as I felt.

But, this is the only problem that I ran into (app-wise). When I wasn’t overly lazy and took my pants off, there wasn’t much of an issue. Yes, the app would still disconnect, but not nearly as much as it did when I was dressed. When I used the vibrator clitorally (my favourite way), there wasn’t an issue at all – it seems that the Bluetooth doesn’t like to be blocked by anything, be it my pants or vagina. I found that disconnection could also be a lot less if I kept the tail outside of my underwear, since it’s extremely flexible it is easy to do but doesn’t feel as comfortable as when it’s all tucked in.  The other Lovense toy I have is the Hush butt plug.

How do I like to use it?

I mentioned that I prefer to use this vibrator clitorally, I’ll explain why. Although this is designed for internal use, I found that, internally, it just didn’t do anything for me at all. Yes, it felt good, but it wasn’t what I needed for internal stimulation. I couldn’t really move/rock the vibe while it was inserted; the ‘tail’ is too flexible for me to be able to do that. And, although the tip of the tail does provide some clitoral vibrations, the vibrations for that aren’t nearly as strong as I need them to be able to orgasm. The deep rumbling and powerful vibrations of the ‘head’ were ample enough for me to clitorally orgasm. Add in the fact that the OH controlled as and when I got these vibrations, and it just made it that much better. As far as I’m aware this isn’t designed as a dual vibrator, and the vibrations that you can get from the ‘tail’ are  just the vibrations traveling – If this were a dual vibrator and we could get stronger vibrations in the ‘tail’ the Lush would be perfect for me.

Oh,  I forgot to mention:  my favourite part about the app! I can grant access! YES! My partner doesn’t have to constantly ask for permission to control my vibe. I can give him unlimited access and, so long as the vibrator is turned on and connected to the Bluetooth, he’s free to ‘turn me on’ any time he damn well chooses. Not having this function was one of my major annoyances of the We-Vibe 4 Plus. Good job, Lovense!

Wrapping up my review of the Lovense Lush

All in all, I really like the Lush. I wish it did more for me internally than it does. I’ve found that, internally, I need more movement than vibrations. The application has a few bugs, but I have no doubt that Lovense will nip those in the bud and iron out any problems with it.

It’s a well-made vibrator. The vibrations are pretty damn awesome ( though, vibrations in the ‘tail’ would be much appreciated), and for LD play it’s pretty good – at least I enjoyed it.

I also think the company are pretty awesome. They make it quite clear on Reddit, in their app rating responses and via email that they’re dedicated in to making this work for YOU, the consumer. That’s something I really admire. I can’t wait to see what else they bring to the LDR table because, right now, they’re doing a great job.

This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. It can be purchased direct from Lovense.

Butt Plugs – A guide for beginners

Yes, for all you anal novices out there that are just one step inside the vast world of pleasure known as butt stuff, this article is for you. It’s not like people have started to feel comfortable about talking about anal sex quite recently, but for some reason, butt plugs don’t receive the love and affection they deserve. This article is the perfect read if you’re willing to stomp towards unknown waters of anal sex. We’ll be covering the very basics about butt plugs as well as why people like purchasing them. We’ll discuss the different types and end with the features you should look for purchasing a butt plug. Let’s jump right into it…

What Are Butt Plugs?

If you’re looking for the textbook definition, then butt plugs are basically like dildos but instead of going in the front, they go in the back. That’s probably a simple enough definition. But, did you know that they were actually made for therapeutic uses but we really have no idea what diseases butt plugs could cure. They were named Dr. Young’s Ideal Rectal Dilators back in the early 1900.

Soon after, it was discovered that the medical devices were being used for non-medical reasons, literally every safety or health organization in the United States banned Dr. Young’s equipment from being sold. So, moving on, let’s glance on the topic of why folks tend to like butt plugs.

Why Do People Even Use Butt Plugs?

There’s two sides to this story and two completely different reasons why men and women like to use butt plugs. We’ll discuss both reasons individually.

For Men

The honest answer would be that men are actually not used to anal play and most men portray indulging in anal activities as somewhat gay. But, this is 2018 and men feel more comfortable, and even enjoy anal play more than standard masturbation. There’s a sensitive gland located about three or four inches above the butt hole which is called the prostate. And, the reason men use butt plugs is to massage the prostate. If you don’t know, massaging the prostate can also induce a state of orgasm much more effective and powerful as compared to stimulating the penis. It is said that massaging the prostate will induce an orgasm that will send your whole body into shivers.

For Women

Women mostly use butt plugs for the added pleasure. Stimulating both the vagina and the rectum does offer a greater climax than either could on their own. But, another popular reason would be to please their partner. When a butt plug is inserted, the amount of space in the pelvis is reduced. This makes the vagina feel tighter and makes it much more pleasureable.

Types of Butt Plugs

There’s not really a single number on the types of butt plugs out there. We did our research and found out that almost all butt plugs can be classified into the following categories.

  • Silicone Butt Plugs
  • Glass Butt Plugs
  • Metal Butt Plugs
  • Vibrating Butt Plugs
  • ‘Tailed’ Butt Plugs
  • Remote Controlled Butt Plugs
  • Anal Beed Plugs
  • Inflatable Butt Plugs

If none of these seem like a viable option, do your own scraping. You might find a category that we missed.

Using a Butt Plug

Before we get to choosing good butt plugs, we’d like to take a brief detour and discuss how to use one. Butt plugs are generally meant to be inserted and left in place, but you could move it around a little bit for added climax. It depends on the type of plug you own, if you’re into moving the plug, just buy a vibrating one that can do it for you and keep your hands free.

The first thing you should do is apply a lubricant. Each type of material requires different sort of lubricating. A butt plug usually has this information on the back of the packaging. The pack will tell you what type of lube to use as well as the recommended amount. If you’re going to be using the plug for longer hours, make sure you reapply the lubricant every hour. The plug will become really uncomfortable if you don’t do so.

That is pretty much it. Using a butt plug is not really rocket science, just one round in and you’ll feel like you’re a pro.

How Can I Choose a Good Butt Plug?

Now, it’s time to get to the real subject of this article. This part will answer the question, “Which is the best plug for my needs?”. There are quite a few tips here so grab a pen and write this stuff down because it’s really important.

Buying a Set

Buying a set is optimal for most beginners as everyone on the internet will suggest buying one with a small size to start with. But, as they start becoming used to anal play, the small plug will be barely noticeable. Now, they’ll have to throw out their current plug and buy a new one. This is sort of a chain reaction that never really stops. The best thing to do would be to buy a set. There are dozens of sizes in a set and will keep you good to go for more than few months and sometimes even years!

Choosing the Lubricant Before the Plug

The optimal way to do this would be to buy a plug, and then buying the lubricant that goes with it. But, sometimes, this method is highly inefficient. Everyone has their own preference and sometimes people feel really uncomfortable with a lube they have to stick with just because that’s the only product working with their plug. To help with this, you can do things the other way. Experiment a bit and find a lubricant that works with you and feels comfortable. Once you’ve decided on the lube, buy the plug that goes with it. This is a great way to save you the trouble of buying multiple plugs and literally throwing money out the window.


The flexibility, or rigidity of your plug mostly depends on how and where you plan to use the plug. Most folks don’t really care about the flexibility as it’s not the most crucial aspect of a butt plug. However, if you want to grab some groceries while a stiff and firm plug is inside doing its job, walking will be a pretty challenging task. You will be moving but the plug won’t. If you want a more mobile plug, then buy something that is flexible. The plug will feel a lot comfortable while walking or sitting down. However, if you plan to just use the plug in one position, feel free to buy a rigid plug as it fits your requirements.

Health and Safety

This is an important part of this guide so make sure that you put your reading glasses on. Anal plugs are usually pretty safe but only if they’re designed correctly. There’s a significant difference of design between plugs and dildos. This is because a dildo is a hand-held device and there’s no chance of it disappearing inside a vagina. But, plugs can disappear inside your rectum since they’re so small. To prevent this, plugs have a base with a larger diameter to take over-insertion out of the equation. However, some companies are still manufacturing plugs with smaller bases. These plugs could easily slip inside and get lose. This seems like something that would happen in an adult comedy, but this scenario is entirely possible. Just remember this while you’re buying a plug; pick something that keeps the fun ‘fun’. Don’t buy a plug that kills the vibe because you were in the need of a visit to the ER.


This is another important point and just like the lubricant, the material of the plug should feel comfortable. At first, differentiating between materials can be quite difficult, but once you experiment, you should figure out which one is the most comfortable. A few materials include wood, glass, steel, plastic, rubber and jelly but the most liked one is silicone. Silicone is an extremely comfortable and flexible material. It can be easily cleaned by sticking it in hot water. Silicone is highly recommended for folks that are going to be sharing their things as the material is non-porous. The only downside is that silicone is expensive. If you’re struggling with the material, then purchasing silicone is a safe bet.

Good Reviews

There’s not much to say about this tip. Just like any other unfamiliar product, check customer reviews before you purchase a product. This is important because a plug is mostly about the comfort and ease of use. You can easily find the extent of a plug in both those fields by reading reviews from previous users. A pretty easy way to see if the plug is worth the cash.

Some butt plugs I’ve reviewed:

Crystal Delights Glass Butt Plug

Marc Dorcel Geisha Ball Silicone Butt Plug

Small Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

The Swirltop Butt Plug

Lovense Hush


Lovense Hush

With Skype and FaceTiming, you never really feel too far away from your other half, even if you’re millions of miles away in some other country. Some couples even have dinner with their spouses while both eat a Dominos pizza with the same exact topping. This may not give them the same experience as being together, but it’s as good as it gets.

And, if there’s one thing you can’t be over the internet, it is intimate. However, that is quickly changing with the variety of sex toys in the market today. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Lovense Hush that is pretty much made from scratch to suit folks in long distant relationships.

What exactly is the lovense Hush?

Lovense Hush
Lovense Hush

Lovense is well-known for create unique phone-controllable vibrators and anal toys, and Hush is one of the most epic toy the world has even seen. Hush is a smooth and extremely powerful butt plug designed to massage all the right spots at once. This all seems like anything a regular butt plug could do. But, the unique part of Hush is that it can be controlled by your partner sitting in another continent. Other controlled vibrators can only handle a few meters of this distance, but Hush can be controlled from pretty much anywhere. Now, you’re probably starting to see exactly why this toy is a marvel for its industry.

Who is this Toy For?

Lovense Hush - both sizes
Lovense Hush – both sizes

Primarily, this toy is meant for couple with a long distant relationship, but that’s not the only people that can use them. It’s great for discreet orgasms if you’re looking to have some fun in public. You could use it with your partner for foreplay. If you’re single, there’s also a solo mode to this plug. And the best part, you could sync it to vibrate to music or create your own custom vibration patterns. As far as we know, this is the only vibrator in the world that can offer such stuff.

How Can You Use Hush?

Hush comes inside a pretty luxurious box with a velvety packaging. The packaging is pretty sleek, you definitely don’t expect a butt plug to be inside, more like a Rolex or something expensive. There’s a recharging cable, the butt plug and a user manual inside the box. The user manual will pretty much cover everything we will mention about using the device, so feel free to read though either.

So, basically, the first step is to install the app for the lavish device. You’re going to need a smartphone or an iOS device to use this butt plug. The app is pretty decent too with close to no bugs, so don’t worry about your device or the app freezing or anything during playtime.

Next step is to sync your device to the app. The process isn’t really that difficult, the app will walk you through it with step by step instruction so we don’t really need to go into that much detail to explain that. The third step is to connect to a partner. There’s a long distance tab on the app. Tap that to add your partner and enter an email. They will get an email with your request and they can follow the instructions in the email to carry on. This setting is a bit tiresome but don’t worry, it’s a onetime thing only. After that, you will just connect right to your partner in just a couple of clicks.

Now that you know what the toy does and how it is used, let’s talk about a few of the pros and cons you should learn before you purchase the device.

Pros of the Hush

  • The first pro would definitely be the vibration modes. It’s just so unique, you can literally create your very own vibrations with this toy. We all know how lackluster a toy can get when you’ve been using the max setting for so long and you don’t even feel pleasure using it anymore. Well, this isn’t a possibility with the Hush as the pleasure is only limited by your imagination. If you do indeed run out of ideas, just put in your favorite song and your device will vibrate according to that. A word of warning, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber would just tickle you, so use something a bit more powerful.


  • The second thing we’d like to mention about the Hush would be the great material. Lovense literally used the finest Silicone available in the market right now, and they certainly changed the way we thing about luxury toys. The smooth silicone paired with the soft rubber finish is just so comfortable. It’s just the right size so it fits quite snugly. There’s really no defect in the designing of this plug. It’s just spot on.


  • The Touch Pad is like the cherry on top for the device. Most manufacturers don’t really pay much attention to the app, they put all their focus on the device and really miss out with the app. Lovense however, was considerate enough to put some thought into the app as well. They have a touch pad that allows you to control the vibrations. You won’t have to struggle with scrolling a bar as your whole body is vibrating. Instead, just make patterns on the screen and the device will vibrate accordingly. Great for folks that think that struggling with scrolling ruins the vibe.


  • There’s also a surprise factor associated with the device. As long as you’re wearing it, your partner could turn it on whenever he/she desires. This is another feature that you normally don’t see in long distant toys. Hush literally gives you the free will to buzz your partner whenever you want.


  • The silicone makes the device completely waterproof. So, insert the plug and step into the shower whenever you deem appropriate. No matter how often you use the device with water, nothing will happen to it. Even if someone does indeed happen, there’s a one year warranty covering all damages.


  • The loop feature is just mind-blowing. If you click the loop button and start moving your finger on the screen, the app will record that exact pattern no matter how long or short it is. And, when you lift that finger, the vibration is repeated continuously till you reach that toe-wriggling orgasm.

Cons for the Hush

While there aren’t too many things wrong with Hush, there are a couple of things that the toy lacks in. Here are a few drawbacks of using Hush from Lovense.

  • The noise of the toy is definitely a problem. The toy is pretty discreet, but not really discreet enough. It needs some sort of noise to mask the vibrator at work. At maximum setting, the vibrator is a noisy bug and it’ll cause enough sound to alert people sitting around you. The noise isn’t too significant, a simple ceiling fan will cover your pleasure. To sum up this point, it’s quiet, but not at all silent.


  • There have been a few folks that really thought that the connection sucks. Personally, the connection didn’t drop at all. But, that’s not really something that should be called a drawback. The device doesn’t stop, it keeps on vibrating and we’re pretty sure neither side will figure out that the guy in control isn’t actually controlling the vibrator.


  • An anal plug isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone is into butt stuff but that really doesn’t count as a disadvantage, just a warning.
  • A great problem for this butt plug would be the amount of lube you have to use. Lovense recommends using water-based lubricants, but they just don’t cut it. If you’re used to long sessions, you will have to stop and reapply after a few minutes which can just ruin your whole mood. Even though the manufacturers advice against it, a much better lubricant would be a silicone based one. Try both to see which one works best.

Is There A Better Alternative?

As of yet, there’s literally no better long distance toy than the Hush. If you’re looking for something other than a butt plug, there’s Lush by Lovense too. The toy is almost the same as the Hush, but it’s a basic vibrator. It’s a great toy for folks not interested in anal play.

The Final Verdict

The flaws are just minimal and almost negligible. This toy is just everything you could hope for, it’s like a lifesaver for couples that get tired of phone sex and want to step it up a notch while still staying loyal to their other halves. This toy isn’t too expensive and it certainly deserves some serious consideration if you’re thinking about purchasing toys. All things considered, it’s one of the best toys money can buy at the moment.

Other butt plug options I’ve reviewed:

Lelo Noa review


I was lucky enough to be sent the lelo Noa Couples vibrator for review from, it arrived really quickly and in discrete packaging, with lots of protection to stop the box or the toy from getting damaged.

The packaging for the Lelo Noa is pretty standard for lelo, lovely and clear with a nice picture of the toy on the box and some basic information about how the toy works. Inside the box the toy is beautifully presented in a moulded base, with a satin Lelo branded storage pouch included along with a USB charger, sample of Lelo lubricant, very basic instructions for use and the guarentee/warrenty for the vibrator which you get with all Lelo toys.

The instructions which you get with the vibrator are extremely basic, but they do include a link for you to be able to look up the full instructions online, this can be found here , I found that I needed to look the manual up online to get a better feel of the toy.

After standing there for a while the plug in one hand and the Noa in the other, thinking that I couldn’t see anywhere to stick it, I finally worked out that the top of the vibrator unscrews and the wire was attached to the inside of the head of the vibrator. It was only after that that I spotted that there are simple instructions included with the Noa to show you how to do this. The wire that comes with it only has a USB attachment with it, but I used the plug from my mobile phone to plug it into the mains, if you don’t have one you can plug it into you computer or get one from ebay relatively cheap. The Noa takes about 2hrs to charge fully and when the Noa is charging there is a light on the top of it which lights up pink. Once the Noa is fully charged the light will change to a white light to show that it is fully charged. If the light starts to flash rapidly during use, don’t worry it doesn’t mean you have broken it, just that it needs charging again.

The Lelo Noa is made out of extremely soft almost velvet touch smooth silicone, which is 100% body safe with a gold colloured plastic band which has the Lelo brand name stamped into it around the join where the top unscrews from the tail. The screw part on the inside of the toy is solid white plastic with a hole in the middle for the wire to attach for the charger. The Lelo Noa is waterproof, I have received confirmation from lelo that this is the case upto 1 metre this means that cleaning your Noa should be super easy, I would use a good quality spray sex toy cleaner to make sure that your toy is sparkling and clean and ready for you to use.

The Noa is safe to use with waterbased lubricants but not silicone lubricants as it is made from silicone, I would advise using lubricant with this couples vibrator during sex to prevent the toy been dislodged and eventually coming out of the vagina altogether, we found that without lube the Noa can easily come out. The Noa is shaped to allow the penis to slide in and out without it been uncomfortable, always insert the Noa before sex to prevent any discomfort.

To turn the Noa on you have to press the power button on the top of the vibrator twice, each time you press it the light will flash it will then turn on with a constant vibration, the Noa doesn’t remember the last setting that it was on, it will always start with the constant vibration, but it does have other settings

1. constant vibration
2. pulse
3. fast pulse
4. rollercoaster
5.longer rollercoaster
6. low high pulse

The light on the Noa flashes slowly when it is turned on, and fast if the battery is running out. To turn off the Noa you need to hold the power button for 5 seconds which is slightly longer than most vibrators.

The Noa has single speed but multi patterned vibrations which I would describe as medium intensity, it is definitely not as strong in vibrations as the We-Vibe 3 which is a similar style vibrator but has a remote with it and dual motors, where this only has the one motor.

The Noa is compatible with the Sensemotion remote control, but you do not get one included with it. If you already have one with another Lelo product you can link it to it, if not you can buy them from Lelo for a reasonable price, I am not sure how well this product works with the remote as I do not have one to try with it.

The Noa is almost silent, it is a very quiet vibrator and will certainly not distract either of you from lovemaking.

Our experience of using the Noa was pretty good, we found it easy to position correctly, and to turn on and change the settings while it was in place, even without a remote control for it. We did find that it moved around quite a lot during sex though and even slipped out at one point, this seemed to happen less when we used more lube, so I think it was more to do with how we were using it than the toy itself. We both enjoyed the vibrations and even though this only has the one motor on the top of the vibrator which sit on the clitoris the vibrations traveled down the full body of the vibrator and could be felt by my partner aswell, he described this as a nice sensation.

Overall We liked the Lelo Noa, We loved the feel of the supersoft silicone and how flexible it is, the vibrations could be stronger and I think that it could be improved by having a couple more speeds rather than just the one. The vibrations transferred pretty well down the whole of the toy and we both enjoyed this, and the fact that it is almost silent is great. 

Lelo Nea Review

I was contacted by the people at playkinky and asked if I would review one of their products, I was sent the LELO NEA to review and it arrived in some super discrete packaging with lots and lots of protective packaging to stop it from getting damaged in the post.

Lelo Nea 2

As with all of the other LELO sex toys that I have reviewed it came packaged in some nice packaging, plain and well designed with LELO on the front and a picture of the toy and details of what it does on the back, not chance of anything smutty with LELO all of their toys come designed with quality in mind. Inside the nice white box is a black gift box with the vibrator, charger, storage pouch and instructions inside.

Before you use the Nea 2

Before you can start to play with your LELO NEA you need to charge it up, the charger is nice and easy to attach and when it is on charge the lights flash until it is fully charged when it stops flashing, I found that it took a couple of hours to be fully charged.

Lelo Nea Luxury Vibrator Comes in Black

The LELO NEA is one of the smaller LELO vibrators, it fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is made of ABS plastic which is body safe, shiny and smooth. It has 2 buttons on the front one increases the strength of the vibrations and one decreases the strength of them, there are also patterns if you prefer just hold down the up button once its on full and it will start to pulse, keep pressing it to scroll through the various patterns. To go back to the constant vibrations press the down button until it is off and then turn it back on again.

About the product

  • Body Safe FDA-Approved Material Phthalate-Free ABS Plastic
  • Five Stimulation Modes From Soft Flutter to Intense Pulsation
  • Rechargeable LI-ION Battery 7 Hours of Pleasure From a 2-Hour Charge
  • Deceptively Powerful Engineered for a More Satisfying Vibe Discreet Performance Fully Lockable with Near-Silent Vibrations

The NEA is well designed with a pretty feminine pattern on the back (much like the one on my mobile phone case) and a shape that means that when you hold it in your hand the pleasure point where the vibrations are concentrated are positioned to ensure that they are easy to get in the right place.

Does it have enough power?

I often find that smaller vibrators are not powerful enough for me but it was not the case with this vibrator at all, this vibrator has some strong deep vibrations which pulse around the clit wonderfully and push you right over the edge without any effort at all, and the smallness of the vibrator mean that during sex you can use it without it getting in the way.  I generally prefer the softness is silicone over the hard ABS plastic materials as in the past I have found that vibrators made from ABS have sharp buzzy vibrations which feel hot and not in a good way, but some how LELO have managed to keep these deep and throbby and just how I like them to be.

The material

The NEA is made from ABS plastic and as such should be fine to use with any kind of lubricant, that said in the User manual it states that you should only use it with waterbased lubricants, I personally only use waterbased anyway, I have far to many silicone toys to mess about with other kinds of lubes (unless I have been asked to review them) and have always found them to be more than adequate. The NEA should be cleaned with a good quality sex toy cleaner and warm water, never submerge the charger connector in water as it will damage the vibrator.

The noise levels from this little thing aren’t to bad it sounds a bit like a quiet electric razor, definitely quiet enough for me not to worry to much about it disturbing anyone or been heard in the next room.

Overall I can’t think of anything bad to say about this little bit of LELO just like all of the other LELO vibrators that I have reviewed it feels like a good quality sex toy, it is easy to charge, easy to use and super powerful, the vibrations are lovely and deep and penetrate through the clit in the way that any good sex toy should. The design is lovely and the storage pouch and size of it means that you can pop it in your bag and take it out with you anywhere. This is one of those toys that might be on the bedside cabinet for some time after testing/reviewing. 


Lelo Smart Wand

The Medium Lelo Smart Wand with SenseTouch Technology was sent to me for review from the lovely people over at it arrived superfast and in some lovely discrete packaging, packaged to ensure that it didn’t come to any harm in the post, and delivered by my postie who must be getting sick of bringing me parcels by now.

Lelo Smart Wand

The packaging

The outer packaging for the wand is nicely designed, the Lelo Smart Wand is designed primarily for use as a massager and the box is full of detail on how this can be used for massage, and details of all of the features of the Lelo Smart Wand. It even includes a picture of a lady in a towel holding the wand in various positions all of which make me think that the wand looks like some sort of retro phone.

Inside the outer packaging the Lelo Smart Wand is contained in a white gift/presentation box, inside which you get the wand, the manual to teach you how it works, although I have to say it is pretty intuitive, a lovely satin storage pouch which is big enough to store both the wand and the charger, the charger and of course the Lelo Insignia Brooch which comes with all Lelo toys in the Insignia range.

The material

The Lelo Smart wand is made primarily out of supersoft almost velvet touch body safe silicone, the head is soft and flexible and when it is turned on the vibrations stay in the head and do not travel right down the handle. The handle has some Gold coloured plastic with the word Lelo embossed into it, it looks classy not cheap.

The Lelo Smart wand has a number of settings which are operated using the 3 buttons on the handle, the plus button increases the speed and turns it on, the minus button slows down the speed and turns it off and the middle button changes the function and turns the SenseTouch Tecnology on and off, the settings that it has are

  • Constant
  • Pulse
  • Fast Pulse
  • Rollercoaster
  • Graduated Fast/Slow
  • Various speeds seems kinda random but probably isn’t
There is also a travel lock on the Lelo Smart Wand which means that you can pop it in your travel bag without any fear of it turning on while you are on a bus or a plane and embarrassing you. Just hold down the plus and minus button for a few seconds to activate and deactivate it, a great little feature that not many toys have.
Lelo Smart Wand Medium Comes in Black
The Lelo Smart wand is shaped with a lovely curve which means that it is very easy to get to those hard to reach areas such as your back or shoulders if you are using this as a massager on yourself, if you bought this with masturbation in mind, it is very well shaped to be able to use it for that to, the head of the wand is a nice size and the vibrations transfer through it very well, the vibrations do no feel hard and buzzy, and are not so fast that they start to feel slightly burny, instead they seem deep and rumbly and very gentle, just the sort of thing that you want for both massage and masturbation.

Is the Lelo Smart Wand waterproot?

The Lelo Smart wand is completely waterproof and can be submerged, I found it hard to believe at first as the power inlet on the bottom of the wand is open but on reading the instruction manual and the box it states that it is a waterproof open connector, in fact in the manual it encourages you to use it in the bath or shower as the water aides relaxation and can help give a more satisfying massage. Been waterproof is also a great feature not only for play/use in the bath/shower but for cleaning, you can wash this up with warm soapy water and not worry about getting any parts of it wet, I would still recommend that you give it a clean with some antibacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure that it is sparkling clean before and after each use, if you have been using it for masturbation and not just massage.

Key Features

  • The SMART WAND Medium offers you the high powered pleasure of a wand-style massager in a compact, travel-friendly design.
  • Unique SenseTouch technology lets vibrations build on contact with your body and increase in intensity naturally.
  • 8 pre-set vibration patterns with variable strength that promise intense relief from sore muscles.
  • Rechargeable with travel lock and near-silent vibrations for pleasure you can experience anywhere, any time.
Like all Lelo toys this wand has a real look and feel of luxury about it, and also like all Lelo toys it is super quiet even when it is on full power, which is really saying something with this wand as this is the most powerful of all of the Lelo’s which I have tried and it is still super quiet. It is also rechargeable and charges in just 2 hours, the battery life will depend on the power level which you use but it seems pretty good, and with a fast 2 hour charge time it beats some of the other rechargeables hands down just on the speed of charge.
As the wand is made from silicone it should be noted that if you choose to use it for masturbation you should avoid any silicone lubricant as silicones do not mix well with each other, you could very easily end up with a melted or misshapen toy, also I would advise that you are careful when you store it and that you use the satin storage pouch or the box that it came it, to ensure that it isn’t inadvertently mixed with any other silicone toy as this would have the same possible effect.
So that is all of the general bits covered, I suppose I should tell you about the SenseTouch technology now and how it works. I was a little dubious at first, I kinda knew that it would work as its Lelo but I wasn’t sure how well or if I would like it, I have to say that honestly I prefer to power the toy up myself and have that control over the speed etc that the SenseTouch still gives you but in a slightly different way, call me old fashioned if you wish.
To activate it you hold the centre button down for 3-5 seconds the lights which surround the button then flash to say that it has been activated, to deactivate it you do the same thing.
Then choose your setting, be it constant, pulse, rollercoaster or kinda weird random, which ever one you prefer by flicking through the setting as you would normally using the centre button, I didn’t realise this the first time I used it, should have read the instruction manual a but more thoroughly but I just jumped straight in, and wondered why it was pulsing all the time (I had had it on pulse before I turned it on and it had stayed on that setting), so I should probably note that when you turn it onto SenseMotion it will remain on the last setting that it was on.
The SenseTouch will automatically be set to reach the maximum strength, but if it is not in contact with your body it will just vibrate gently to the chosen pattern until you press it against your body, to gauge whether or not this is to much for you, I would recommend holding it in your hand and feeling the maximum power before pressing it against where-ever you want to massage. If it is to much on full just use the minus button to reduce the final power level to one which you prefer.
When we used it for the first time we had it on pulse and it seemed to increase in power with each pulse, the second time we just had it on constant, I personally feel that it gets up to its maximum speed a little to quickly, especially as once it is there is stays there it doesn’t drop down again, unless you pull it away from the body, once you pull it away from the body it goes back to a low gentle rumble again, and will build up to the maximum speed again once it is back in contact with the body.

Overall, I think that this is a pretty nifty little massager, this is only the medium and not the large, but is packs a whole load of power, its supersoft and extremely easy to use. Its great for its primary use which is massage but also for masturbation should you choose to use it that way. Its very easy to clean and comes with its own storage case, the charge time is fast especially for a toy of its power level, its travel friendly and quiet to. I can’t think of anything negative to say about it, all I need now is the large one so that I can compare the two 

Lelo Lyla 2 Review

I was very lucky to be sent the Lelo Lyla 2 for review by Bondara, as always the package arrived in some super discrete packaging and quickly to.

Lelo Lyla 2

The Lelo Lyla 2 comes in some very stylish and tastefully designed packaging with some lovely clear pictures of the toy and some information about how it works and what it does, inside this box is a black Lelo gift box with the vibrator, remote, charger, brooch, instructions and sample of Lelo personal lubricant inside, the vibe and remote is in some moulded packaging to keep it safe and to allow you to store it safely when it isn’t been used.

Before you use the Lyla 2

Before you use the Lyla for the first time you need to charge up the vibrating bullet and insert batteries into the remote control, to charge the Lyla you need to unscrew the shiny and plug in the charger into the base of the bullet, when it is charging the light flashes and when it is done the light stays one, the initial charge will take approximately 2 hours, and after that it should be shorter depending on how long its been used for, a 2hr charge should give you approximately 2hours worth of use although this will vary depending on the setting which you use it on.

To insert the batteries into the sensemotion control you need to unscrew the shiny cap, if you are having problems lelo has included a handy key to help, but by using flat hands and a little pressure it is pretty easy to unscrew and to fasten again, it takes 2aaa batteries which lelo have very kindly included with the Lyla 2.

Once you have charged your bullet and you have put the batteries into the remote you are ready to go, firstly you need to turn on the bullet, a single press on the top of the bullet turns it on and the light flashes to show that it is turned on, you can use this without the remote control by pressing the button repeatedly to scroll through the 6 pre-programmed modes:-

fast pulse
rollercoaster low-high
rollercoaster low-high-low
rollercoaster high-low-high-low-low-med (kinda random)
But when you use is in conjuction with the remote control you can change the speed of the vibrations by using the + and – buttons.

Lelo Lyla 2 Premium Remote-Controlled Bullet Vibrator Comes in Deep Rose

The Lelo Lyla can be used as a bullet vibe on its own against the clit and the vibrations are nice and strong for this and they are also pretty quiet to but it can also be worn internally like an egg vibrator and controlled remotely by you or your partner.

How does the remote control work

The sensemotion remote control is fantastic, it is the best remote that I have handled with a remote controlled toy, ever. Unlike all of the other remote controls that I have tried it also vibrates, not quite as strongly as the vibrator but it mirrors what the vibrator is doing, meaning that whoever is attached the vibrator can control exactly what the vibrator is doing at all times by the feel of the remote. I have tried so many remote control vibes before which have ended up with the hubby asking me if it is on or off and what it is doing, which takes all of the fun out of having a remote control vibe. You can use the remote as a standard remote control using the + and – to control the speed and the middle button to scroll through the settings.

Or you can use the sensemotion functions which we found to be much more fun, there are 2 separate sensemotion modes, when you turn on the remote it is already in the first mode, this mode allows you to change the speed of the vibrations by rotating the remote control in your hand.

Key Features

  • 3X the wireless range and signal strength of the original design for enhanced functionality (up to 118 feet depending on the environment)
  • 50% more power and additional control options than original SenseMotion Series, can control with or without the wireless remote using a multi-functional button on the massager itself
  • Wireless controller adjusts vibration speed and intensity through the user’s choice of 6 pre-set patterns or with a flick of the wrist in the 2 SenseMotion modes; controller mirrors same vibration patterns as the massager
  • Fully waterproof and rechargeable
  • FDA-approved body-safe silicone

The second sensemotion setting is activated by pressing the centre program button, this allows you to speed up the vibrations by moving the remote up and down, the faster you move it the faster it vibrates.

When we used the remote control with the vibrator we found that the range was brilliant, my husband went into the Kitchen and closed the door and he could still control the vibrator that was inside me in the living room, plus he could feel through the remote what it was that he was doing to me, this is really quite impressive as other remote control toys we have had haven’t even come close to this. When the vibe is been worn internally it is incredibly discrete and quiet, there is a retrieval loop which should be worn on the outside of the body to help remove the vibrator when it is finished with. The remote does made some noise though when it vibrates, and wouldn’t be quite as discrete if you were out in public with it, it is quite large and it buzzes when it buzzes.
Both the remote and the vibrator are made from matching silicone, as with all Lelo toys the silicone is lovely and soft and perfectly smooth without any seams or edges which could be uncomfortable when used against your more sensitive areas, the remote is incredibly tactile and sits in the palm of the hand perfectly, my husband actually said that he found it impossible to hold it without wanting to turn it over in his hands, and everytime he did the vibrator buzzed away in response to this.

As with all silicone toys these should not be used with silicone lubricants and should be stored away from other silicone toys, silicone reacts with silicone and if you use the wrong lube or let it sit with some other silicone toys it can become damages and misshapen.
The Lyla 2 is waterproof which is great if you like to use your toys in the bath or the shower, it is also good news for cleaning it, it means that you can wash it in some warm soapy water with some antibacterial soap, although I prefer to use some good quality sex toy cleaner with all of my toys.
Overall we were both very impressed with the Lelo Lyla 2 and its remote, the range is good, the vibrations are good, it is comfortable to wear internally due to its quality materials and great shape, it is pretty versatile as it can be used as a bullet or a remote controlled egg. I would highly recommend this remote vibe to anyone who is looking for something that actually works as so many remote control vibes on the market don’t work very well.