Strap On Dildo Buying Guide

Strap On Dildos are some of the most creative sex toys in the world that open an endless amount of possibility for lesbian couples as well as straight couples looking to mess around a little bit. However, a strap on dildo is much more difficult to purchase as compared to a regular dildo or some other sex toy. So, we’re going to make your life much easier by telling you all there is to know before you make the final payment. Now, let’s move on to our version of a strap on dildo buying guide…

What Are Strap On Dildos?

Basically, a strap on dildo is less of a portable dildo that is attached to a harness meant to be fastened along the waist. Usually, lesbian couples are the ones using strap ons, but some hetrosexual couples also do the same. Surprising, both the man and the woman can use a strap on.

For women, the reason is pretty obvious. They’re definitely into anal play and both partners want to try out something different. But, for men, it’s more rare but it definitely happens.

There’s a long list of strap on dildos varities, so sit tight and keep reading through them all.

Textured Dildos

Texture dildos are aim to further improve the experience and create something that’s more lifelike and feels like the real deal. A real penis has bulges and ripples on it, and dildos with such designs on them are called textured dildos. There’s no specific action that can be performed with textured dildos, they’re mostly multipurpose. There’s even strap on dildos that do the whole length and even draw vein like stuff you can see on an erect penis.

Probed Dildos

A probed dildo is more of an anal type thing and most of these types of dildo are advertised as great for newbies to start off with. These toys are shaped more like a cone and as opposed to a standard dildo, the probed shape makes it much easier for anal insertions. However, if you’re a pro that’s been doing anal stuff for a few months now, you probably won’t enjoy a probed dildo. These are specifically for starters and you won’t get the level of pleasure from this one as you would from a regular shaped dildo. This is why some strap ons come with both a probed and a regular dildo so that you don’t have to buy another toy weeks later.

Double Penetration

Double Penetration dildos are designed in such a way that there are two penises hanging off of the harness. This is meant for both anal and vaginal penetrations. The first penis is thinner and is meant for the anus. While the second dildo is slightly thicker and longer, which is meant for the vagina. Double Penetration dildos aren’t that easy to use. They require a huge amount of self control by the woman and such a bulky object highly restricts the number of positions you could use. There’s are a total of 3 or 4 positions you could use with a double penetration strap on dildo.

Rotating Strap Ons

Now these dildos are the real pro stuff. If you’ve ever thought that a standard dildo doesn’t seem so much fun anymore, step up your game and purchase something  called a rotating strap on. This dildo does exactly what the name suggests, it spins! Sometimes just the head of the penis spins, while in other dildos the entire penis-like shape turns 360 degrees. These are the heaviest and the bulkiest strap ons out there, so only get these if you really know what you’re doing. By the way, this is definitely not recommended for newbies still familiarizing themselves to the world of dildos.


You can get any color you want including rainbow!  If you’re interested in black dildos check out my big black dildo guide.

Penis Extension

These strap on are used as an extension to a man’s own penis. The toy consists of a hollow end where the guy could stick his own machinery will thrusting it inside with the extended part as well. We mentioned that guys with erectile dysfunctions often use strap ons. If you wanted to know the specifics, they use these penis extensions.

The world has gotten real creative when it comes to strap on dildos, and folks have developed all types of straps to go with these different types of dildos. The one all of you are probably familiar with is the o-ring harness. An o-ring consists of a metal ring attached to the front of a leather harness and the dildo passes through this ring. Such strap ons have removable dildos too.

There’s also something called strapless strap on dildos. While this may seem like a pretty weird product, it’s actually absolutely genius. Instead of a boring harness, someone thought that it would be a better option to install another anal plug like thing that secures the strap on in place without any harness. It’ll take some time for your to learn how to use one conveniently, but once you do, you’ll enjoy it immeasurably.

One piece latex is another popular strap on dildo. In one piece latex, the dildo is build right into a full body latex suit. The foreplay you could get with these toys will be amazing. However, one small word of warning. Full body latex dildos aren’t made with too much attention to the dildo. There won’ be much of a realistic feel to these types of dildos.  If you’re after something that’s like the real deal, check out my realistic dildo guide.

If we continued on with harness types, it’ll take way too long. So, let’s just move on with the article after these three popular harness types.

Best Strap On Dildos

Fetish Fantasy Series Plus Size Strap On

Fetish Fantasy Series Plus Size Strap On
Fetish Fantasy Series Plus Size Strap On

The Fetish Fantasy Series Plus Size pretty narrowly took the top spot, but it did manage to beat some of the best vendors in the business. This strap in is like a match made in heaven for women with some curves. The waistband can pretty easily accommodate women of a size of up to 48″. There’s a sturdy metal O ring holding the dildo firmly in place. Overall, a top product at a pretty small price.


  • Fits the plus size women
  • A pretty long 8 inch dong
  • Really comfortable material
  • Durable harness


    • Right out of the box, the dildo smells like a new car.


Vac-U-Lock Leather Ultra G-String by Doc Johnson

Vac-U-Lock Leather Ultra G-String by Doc Johnson
Vac-U-Lock Leather Ultra G-String by Doc Johnson

This monster by Doc Johnson is one of the highest rated strap ons out there. There’s just two straps so there’s not a lot of baggage to carry with the dildo. It wraps once around the waist and once again between the legs. There’s not too much control but the strap on is fun for both individual which makes up for the lack of control. All things considered, it’s a pretty cheap product that still manages to do the job pretty darn well.


  • The leather harness can hold even the heaviest of dildos
  • One of the only strap ons that actually look sexy
  • The dong is pretty huge
  • Heavy duty buckles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon


  • Other than the slight lack of control, there’s not much wrong with this strap on.


RodeoH’s Lace Duo Panty

This Lace Duo Panty is a double penetration strap on. There are two 1.75 inch holes on the front. The best part about this strap on is the fact that it’s shaped like a regular panty, meaning there’s not going to be any harnesses or buckles involved. It looks sexy, but does take a bit away from the side of durability and strength. You’re not going to be able to use heavier dildos with this panty.


  • The panty is pretty convenient to wear
  • Easier to adjust for beginners
  • Might look flimsy, but holds in place pretty well


  • You’re not going to be able to use heavy and bulky dildos.


Realistic dildo guide

Every woman adores a decent dildo that can provide some level of pleasure in times of solitude. But, sometimes, standard dildos get boring and women want the read deal. So, if you are a woman that’s looking for the D without the man, then realistic dildos should be on your shopping cart.

Realistic dildos are pretty special stuff. They’re made specifically to imitate the exact look of a male penis. A realistic dildo has balls at the shaft along with bulging veins at the side to perfectly mimic the feel of a penis when inside. Oh, you thought that was it? Fortunately for us women, there are dildos molded from the penises of famous pornstars. So you could literally understand what it’s like to have sex with Johnny Sins. Well, sort of…

Anyways, getting over the jokes, this post is going to be all about realistic dildos. As the title suggests, it’s mainly going to be a buyer’s guide explaining how you can choose a great dildo suited to your needs. So, let’s jump right into it.

Types of Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos aren’t really something that can be categorized but we’ll try our best. Here are a few ‘types’ of realistic dildos.

Glass Dildos

Want a guy that stays rock hard for hours on end? Well, it’s not a man that you’re looking for, it’s a glass dildo.

Realistic glass dildo
Realistic glass dildo


Basically, the hardest dildo you’re ever going to find will be made out of glass. Sure, metal is a better alternative but the material is too cold and sometimes feels uncomfortable inside. On the other hand, glass is much more comfortable and a few minutes inside is all it takes to change temperature. Beware though, glass dildos are tough to make and might be more expensive than your standard rubber dildos.

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos are truly a formidable opponent for even the most experienced women. They so great, that some women would even prefer these bad boys over the real bad boys. Inflatable dildos snugly fit inside any woman and allow a woman to massage all four walls of the vagina. This offers an orgasm that even a real penis fails to beat sometimes.

The possibilities with inflatable dildos are just endless. Some women even like putting a cock ring on this dildo as it further increases the expansion and creates room for more of a hands on experience. However, if you’re a novice to dildos, it’s probably a good decision to step away from this beast as it’ll probably be more than you’re used to handling.

Double Dildo

A double dildo, as the name suggests, is an extended version of the standard dildo, but it has double penis heads on both ends. This allows for simultaneous play with two different vaginas. These dildos are pretty lengthy, ranging from 12-18 inches in size.

Realistic double dildo
Realistic double dildo

Double dildos are primarily used by lesbian couples. There’s a pretty large list of positions two women could use a double dildo together in. But, some women also use it on their own. The size and build of double dildos are something completely different as compared to other types of dildos. So, using it solo also has its own pleasure.

Ejaculating Dildos

Now, this dildo is for the kinky reading this that are not afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to solo plays. If you’re going for a realistic feel, why not go the full stretch and get the ejaculation part as well?

Ejaculating dildos have a small reservoir that can fill in a semen-like liquid in them which is normally sufficient for three ejaculations. There’s usually a button of something similar that sends the liquid shooting up whenever you want.

The best recipe for the fluid is yogurt diluted with water. It seems a bit disgusting, but it’s okay since the yogurt makes the ‘semen’ edible.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying One


The material is crucial every time you’re buying a sex toy. There’s not really a material that we can say is the best one out there, this is more of a preference-based thing. If you’re more into something soft or flexible, silicone, PVC or some other softer material might be a decent choice for you. If you like harder and more rigid stuff, glass and metal are the best option.

If you’re new to sex toys and don’t know which one to buy, just keep experimenting. You’ll definitely find a material that’ll just feel comfy inside.


Ladies, always remember, size matters. This is another thing that comes down to how you like your sex toys. If you’re still new to sex toys and don’t want a dildo penetrating too deep, then a smaller dildo with an even smaller girth is best for you. If this isn’t your first rodeo, go ahead and buy something up to 12 inches and let it go all in. If you’ve gotten bored of this size too, there’s inflatable dildos that might be right up your alley.


Your primary concern should be to purchase toys that can be used in multiple ways. If you’re more of a collection type of girl, by all means, go for as many toys as you can find. But, if you’re looking to stay in the limits of a budget, look for toys that can offer the possibility of a variety of different plays. For instance, is the toy you’re thinking of purchasing good for both anal and vaginal play? Can it be attached to a harness and used as a strap on? Does it vibrate? Can it be used in couple’s play? Make sure the product you buy answers most of these questions with a yes.


Color is so important, depending on what you want, some may want a white one, others a brown or black dildo.  If the color doesn’t look natural then it won’t be a realistic dildo.

The Best Realistic Dildos In the Market

Still can’t seem to finalize the dildo you want? We’re going to make the choice even more easier. Here’s a list of a few dildos that are currently the top selling products in the world. You’ll definitely love one of them.

Real Cock 2 – The Real Doll Dildo

The Real Cock 2 is as real as a dildo can get. These bad boys are EXPENSIVE, and when we say expensive, we mean $500! Yes, you’re going to be spending $500, but rest assured, the product is well worth it. This is a product from Abyss Creations which, as some of you might know, is a top tier toy producer.

Real Cock 2
Real Cock 2

The best part of this toy is the feel of the skin, the shaft, the head and the testicles. It’s just so lifelike and so flexible but not too jelly-like. There’s a certain resistance to the product as well that makes it a well-rounded product.

The platinum-cured silicone is so easy to clean and is pretty durable too.  Overall, this is the most realistic dildo you’re ever going to find.

Doc Johnson 12-inch Realistic Dildo

Doc Johnson 12 inch realistic dildo
Doc Johnson 12 inch realistic dildo

The Doc Johnson Realistic Dildo is a great realistic dildo which is also on the cheaper side of things. It might feel a bit difficult to insert the first time around, but once you get it inside, it will feel incredible. It’s rigid, but not tough enough to hurt you. And, it’s big size is the best feature. This dildo is exactly 12-inches in length, that’s right, 12 INCHES. If you’re a woman that isn’t playing around, go for the Doc Johnson 12 inch dildo.

LoveHoney Basics 7 Inch Realistic Dildo

The first two options are pretty expensive, so we thought we’d mention something that more in everyone’s alley. This dildo from Love Honey is the ultimate product for folks that don’t want to spend more than a week’s pay on their sexual activities.

LoveHoney Basics 7 Inch Realistic Dildo
LoveHoney Basics 7 Inch Realistic Dildo

The Love Honey Basics if made of high quality PVC, which looks and feels way more real than any other PVC dildo. But, the real X factor is the girth of this dildo. It might look thick in the picture, but it’s enormously fat when you hold it in your hand. The girth will literally move you to your core and it even proves out to be a formidable toy for pros. You’re going to need a decent amount of lube to get it in there and once you get used to the feeling, we’re pretty sure it’s going to ruin sex for you because you’re probably not going to find a penis as thick as this one.

Anyways, we definitely don’t recommend this for newcomers. It’s too gigantic for you to handle, so if you’re a newbie, look for something more subtle. Once you’re experienced with sex toys, you can move on to this product. But, if you’re tired of those boring, thin dildos, this will definitely be able to make you happy.


We-Vibe Touch

‘Touch’ is the upgraded version of the previous ‘Touch’ from We-Vibe. I didn’t have the previous touch, so this won’t be a comparison review it will however look at the pros and cons of this new addition to my toy box.

The packaging and what’s in the box:

The packaging for this vibe is very similar to the We-Vibe Tango which I reviewed not too long ago.
It comes in a cardboard box which looks very nice; it has a picture of the item on the front of the box and a brief description of the item. Upon opening the box you’re greeted with a plain white foam inlay to protect your newly purchased silicone vibe and a cardboard cover with the name ‘Touch’ displayed on it.

Underneath this inlay you have your USB charging cable, a white protective bag and your We-Vibe instruction manual.

20140416_140415    20140416_140631


The previous We-Vibe items came with a wall socket charger; the charger on the newer one is a USB charging cable. I prefer the USB charging cable; but I know many much prefer to charge by the wall charger. A lot of vibes now come with both the USB charger and the wall charger; however this is tragically not the case with the We-Vibe Touch. If you do wish to charge your vibrator with one you will have to use a USB to Wall plug converter; you can usually pick these up for a couple of pounds.

If you’ve read my Tango review you’ll see that I loved the upgraded charging facility, unfortunately this wasn’t the case with the Touch. The item kept disconnecting itself from the charger and I had to keep fiddling with it to get it to continue charging. Personally I think this is due to the weight of the Touch and how strong the magnets are to keep them connected.

Whilst your Touch is on charge a light will appear on the charger, the light will stay lit until it has stopped charging. Due to the temperamental charging facility I’d recommend that once the light has gone out you reconnect it; this will ensure that it’s fully charged and didn’t just disconnect itself.

Again much like the Tango the Touch has a ‘Charge me’ light that will flash when it needs to be charged. Unlike a lot of rechargeable toys that will only flash red when it needs charging whilst in use; the Touch will flash a yellow blinking light until you put it on charge. If you leave it on your night stand it will flash constantly until you get up and charge it.

I both love and hate this feature, I love it because I always forget to charge my toys, so whilst I’m in the middle of using something it will just die on me; which means I’d either have to put it on charge and wait, find something else OR do a DIY job which well is a lot more effort than I’d originally planned – I have never forgotten to put my Touch on charge with this feature. I hate it because it is flipping well annoying, it will annoy the crap out of you until you jump up and charge it – I feel like it’s threatening me to charge it.

Initially you will need to charge this for around 90minutes before you can use it. This 90minutes seemed to take forever! For two reasons, the first being because I had to keep checking to make sure it was still charging and the second reason because it feels so silky smooth that I was dying to try it out.

How it looks

Well firstly, it feels amazing; seriously amazing. It is made from silicone which has a somewhat silky matte finish; it doesn’t seem to drag across your skin and just sends shivers down my spine before I’ve even turned on the vibrations.

Secondly the shape, I love the shape and the size of the Touch it is perfect to hold in the palm of your hand. It has a length of 4.3 Inches, a width of 2 inches at its widest point and a circumference of 4.2 inches. Just under the tip of the Touch is an oval shaped indent, which is the perfect size to cover my clitoris; the length of the indent is 1.2 inches with a width of 0.8 inches.


Turning it on

Using the Touch couldn’t be simpler; you press the button at the bottom (Where your magnetic charger goes) you simply press the button in and then let go. It has 8 different settings the first four being continuous vibe getting stronger in vibrations as you go through then 5 through 8 are different pattern vibrations. You just keep pressing the button to scroll through the different modes and to turn it off you simply hold the button in for two seconds.

The eight modes are

• Low
• Medium
• High
• Ultra High (My favourite setting!)
• Wave
• Pulse
• Tease and
• Cha-cha

Care and Maintenance:

The Touch is made from a silicone which has a lovely silky finish; as such I would recommend that you use a good quality water-based lubricant, as a Silicone lubricant may damage the finish. Using lubricant with this toy does make it feel so much better!

It is fully submersible in water making it not only usable in the bath or shower but also so easy to clean. You can either clean it in warm soapy water and give it a rinse off, or just spray with a sex toy cleaner and rinse off. Once dry pop it in the included storage bag.

My Opinion:

I do really like the Touch; I love the silky smooth way it feels gliding across my skin and the shape is great. It has an oval shaped indent just below the tip which feels fantastic when placed over your clitoris, giving you more surface area vibrations, and the tip itself provides direct stimulation for those that want it.

The shape makes it perfect to hold, it isn’t uncomfortable in any way, it’s also perfect for massages; everything about this just feels so luxurious.

If you don’t like strong vibrations, then this isn’t the toy for you; even on its lowest vibration setting it still is quite strong. But for those of us who are power whores when it comes to vibrations then it is a perfect addition to our toy boxes.

In the Touch Vs Tango debate that does seem to happen, I have to say I do much prefer my Tango as the vibrations are more pin point which work better for me!

If you’d like to purchase the We-Vibe Touch you can do so from SimplyPleasure

Tantus Rumble Review

Editor’s rating


I sent my friend the Tantus Rumble to review as I felt he and his girlfriend would give the Rumble a better chance than I would. When I received the Rumble and turned it on I instantly knew that the vibrations wasn’t going to work for me, so I sent it away to have a (hopefully) better life. 



I’ve always been a fan of Tantus, the build quality in their products is excellent, and so I was more than happy to review the Tantus Rumble wireless wand when offered by Star (plus 3 additional attachments which are sold separate).

Now this is going to be a different review to usual as I have used the Rumble predominantly with my partner and so I’m mainly reviewing it based on her opinion of the toy. Normally I review toys from my own experience, but other than to arouse myself I don’t find much use for the Rumble. Some of the attachments are theoretically insertable but I will discuss that later…

My first impression of the Tantus Rumble was excitement. The box looks sleek and stylish which makes sense as the Rumble clocks in at $129.99. The interior of the box was fitted foam in which the Rumble sat snug. Part of the foam is removable to access the charging cable and instructions. The attachments I received were the Rumble Convertible Head ($21), Rumble Spoon Head ($29.00) and Rumble Dorado Head ($24).


Moving on to the specs, the Tantus Rumble has 7 speeds – low, medium, high, fast pulse, slow pulse, building pulse and descending pulse, most if not all the time myself and my partner used it on the high setting but that’s normal for pretty much any toy I use. The head is flexible which makes it great to find just the right angle.

The Rumble measures in at roughly 23 centimeters in length from the base of the handle to the top of the head. The handle is roughly 3.2cm in circumference at its widest and the button panel is 9.5cm in length set into the handle. The head (which is more important) is approximately 4cm in height and roughly 9cm in circumference which leaves the Rumble looking small but with a head large and wide enough to get the job done. The Convertible head has an additional ~5cm insertible ribbed attachment which is 5.5cm in circumference. The Dorado head has a strange fin flipper on it which is 0.5cmm thick at its widest and is roughly 8cm in length. Finally the Spoon attachment has a rounded 6.5cm insertable module with a slightly larger head which is 6.7cm in diameter at the shaft and 7.3cm on the head.

The build quality on the Tantus is amazing, the wand handle is made of two materials. One is the shiny blue plastic front piece which feels good quality and the other makes up the ergonomic grip. The material is soft and easy to hold, and is the same material the buttons are made of, which seems to be some form of plastic. The Tantus heads are made from 100% high quality silicone and they feel amazing. With proper cleaning they feel soft to the touch and the head glides over your skin. The heads attach to the wand via Vac-u-lock and it is incredibly easy and satisfying to slip them on and off with a gently “whump” sound.

The buttons are very cool on the Rumble for a few reasons. Firstly, it is clear from the placement of the buttons that Tantus know what they are doing. There are three buttons on the Rumble. Three. Big. Buttons. That might seem not worth mentioning until you look at other toys. When you’re scrambling for the power off button covered in lubricant and bodily fluids you’re really going to appreciate a lit up button. The power button turns it on and off and it’s located near the head. The settings are controlled by the plus and minus buttons which rest at the other end of the handle. This makes it nearly impossible to accidentally turn the thing off right before the climax, which is clearly what Tantus had in mind.

Did I mention the buttons light up? It’s the little touches that make a product premium quality. The buttons light up which make them easy to see in the dark, but it doesn’t stop there. On the alternating speed settings the brightness of the damn buttons changes to match the power. That is some meticulous design there, Tantus. I take my pants off to ya. Hat. Take my hat off to ya.

The Tantus Rumble Wand is completely wireless, which is great for manoeuvrability. The battery lasts for hours upon hours. Tantus’ website clams 4.5 hours and whilst I never timed it, there was never an occasion where it ran out during use. The charger is also micro usb and so compatible with most phone chargers (unless you use an iphone).


Cleaning is actually incredibly simple with the Rumble. All it takes is an intimate wipe (or in my cheap ass’ case, a baby wipe) after each use. It really is as simple as that, the material is such high quality that I have never spent more than 30 seconds wiping the whole thing over regardless of how ridiculous I’ve been with the lube and/or body butter.

The attachments are vac-u-lock and are easy to remove and clean underneath, and on top of this the Rumble doesn’t seem to have any of the usual nook and cranny seams which accrue dirt and evil. Overall, no complaints on this front.

The wand is NOT waterproof, so I would avoid submerging it and stick to wet wipes, however. Worth noting as I nearly dumped mine in the sink with all the other incriminating toys.


Now we get on to the juicy, all important details – the Rumble in action. After clicking on the Rumble and playing through the settings we decided the 3rd setting, high, was the only way to fly. The other settings are OK, the first setting is quite low, decent for arousal but not really that great at getting my partner where she needed to go, and the second medium setting was not too bad but the 3rd setting did the job every time. Prior to this the only wand we have used was the Lovehoney Wand which was mains powered and there were significant differences. Where a mains powered wand has a lot of kick and can certainly elicit a body shaking orgasm the Rumble is a gentle, more subtle beast. It is true the Rumble does not give out the same vibrations but what it offers instead is a deep, intimate orgasm which builds for longer. I would probably say the vibrations were lower than we are used to but they still get the job done.

The advantages to the cordless Rumble wand are that you can manoeuvre the head wherever it needs to go without being constrained by a power cord snaking across the bed, not to mention with the design the head is able to flex when needed. The ergonomic handle makes it perfect for my partner to use it solo (or hold it there during the main course) or for myself to use on her at my discretion. The only negative thing I would say is that due to the head being rather wide, certain positions were not viable, such as missionary, but it was perfectly good in doggy.

As I mentioned earlier I did get the chance to try out the alternate heads for the Rumble, and the Spoon and Convertible heads are both insertable. Both myself and my partner tried inserting the heads but I found that they were small and did not reach my p-spot, and perhaps more disappointingly they did not seem to transmit the heavy vibration which emitted from the main body of the toy. My partner commented that the Convertible allows you to attach dildos with the Vac-u-lock design but the vibrations didn’t travel well and the dildo was best left used alone without the hindrance of the Rumble. The Spoon attachment although curved towards her g-spot it did not get deep enough to hit it. She also agreed that the vibrations did not transmit fully to the insertable parts of the head and so we found the heads were not useful when compared with the standard head. The head I have not mentioned is the Dorado, which is a strange flipper device. The general aim is to run this back and forth across the front of the pussy but again the vibration, my partner decided, was inferior to the standard head.


There is a rather hefty price tag on the Rumble as mentioned earlier and I don’t know if I would pay $129.99 for it. Whilst the build quality screams that it is a premium, luxury sex toy the vibrations could be stronger. The power is still good but it would be nice to have a motor within the Rumble with a little more roar.

In all honesty I wouldn’t bother with the additional heads, not unless you want to really spend a day just working out the subtler parts of pleasure, as the standard head seems better in use and the price tag on the additional heads is rather high.

Overall the Rumble is a beautifully designed wand which seems sleek, refined and well made. The build quality is fantastic, the features lovingly thought up and intuitive and the silicone luxurious and silky to the touch. The rechargeable battery and cordless handle make it very portable and dynamic in the bedroom, particularly when coupled with the flexible head, and the Rumble is small enough to carry around in a travel bag.

The Rumble is available from Tantus. This item was purchased by myself and I sent it to a friend. Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

We-Vibe Nova

The Nova is incredibly well made, flexible and has strong vibrations. Sadly, the traditional way of using this vibrator didn’t fit my anatomy, but reversing the vibrator meant it was able to successfully fulfill its role.

We-Vibe Nova Review

So, this year has seen not one, but two new vibrators from We-Vibe firstly the Rave followed very closely by the We-Vibe Nova. We-Vibe are one of my top three favourite manufactures, creators of my much used and much loved Tango – so when I heard the news about their recent releases, I was pretty excited.

The We-Vibe Nova is a ‘rabbit’ style vibrator but, unlike the usual rabbit styles, this one is slightly different and a little more interesting. Both the shaft and the clitoral arm are curved, making the shaft perfect for G-spot stimulation. The idea behind the clitoral arm is that you’re able to somewhat manipulate it to fit your body type(maybe), the actual design is so as you thrust the vibrator the clitoral arm (in theory) should not lose contact with your clitoris. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I have a super shit time when it comes to finding a rabbit style vibrator that actually wants to work for me, so I’m both excited and optimistic to give this one a try.

DSC_0152 (Small)

As many of you know, I’m in a long distance relationship – which is another reason this toy is so exciting. The Nova incorporates the technology used in both the We-Vibe 4 Plus and the We-Vibe Rave, meaning that it’s fully compatible with the We-Vibe App and that my OH can control this for me when we’re not together. I’ve written a rather detailed ‘review’ and ‘how to’ of the We-Vibe App which you can find HERE.

Nova specs

Made from silicone, the We-Vibe Nova has an insertable length of 5 inches (measured from the outside of the curve), and a total length of 8.5 inches. The girth is 4 inches at its widest point and 2.5inches at its smallest. The vibrator is rechargeable and, unlike the Rave, it has gone back to magnetic charging but, thankfully, it seems to be a lot better than the magnetic chargers that are on the Tango. The magnetic charger also mean that the Nova, unlike the Rave, is fully submersible in water.

How to charge

A USB charger is included with the Nova while, sadly, a wall charger isn’t, but these can be picked up quite cheaply. I know a lot of people who prefer to use USB chargers, however, I personally much prefer to charge vibrators by the mains. I have way too many vibrators that I like to ensure that they are kept charged, and I do not enough USB ports on my laptop to be able to charge them all at the same time. Also included is the white satin toy bag that seems to be included with most We-Vibe items.

How it works

OK – So, I mentioned earlier that you’re able to control the We-Vibe Nova using the We-Vibe App but, if you’d rather manually control it, you can use the buttons on the handle. I’ve tried to get as clear a picture as I can of the arrows, but they’re a little hard to see. So in the middle there’s a circle, pressing this once will turn the Nova on. You can then switch between the vibrations by using the left and right arrow keys ( < > ). Once you’ve got the vibration/pattern that you want you can change the intensity by pressing the up and down buttons, which are located above and below the circle. To switch off simply hold in the circle for a few seconds. Honestly, I find the buttons on the Nova way too stiff to push and, for me, they are a bit of a pain in the arse so, even for solo play, I still prefer to use the App.

We-Vibe Nova Performance

The vibrations on the Nova are beautiful, they’re strong and rumbling. They’re basically everything that I expected for the Nova when I first heard about it. I do, however, wish that I was able to control the vibrations in the clitoral arm and shaft separately.

Due to the shape of this, I imagine that using it on a penis could potentially feel quite nice, especially if used in conjunction with a blow job. I can’t honestly comment on how good this might feel as my OH is currently thousands of miles away, but the shape looks pretty perfect for that combination! So I’ll have to remember to pull this out the next time my OH is here. If any of you have tried it, let me know what you think of the combination!

I’ve mentioned that getting a dual stimulator to fit me can be quite troubling and so I was hoping that, with the way the Nova was shaped, it may have found a way to fix that problem by making it easier for ‘rabbit’ style toys to fit most anatomies. Tragically, that wasn’t my experience, again. I wasn’t able to get the clitoral arm to reach my clitoris without manipulating it. I’d have to stretch it completely out which, honestly, just made it rather uncomfortable.

Then I tried using the vibrator another way. During a phone conversation with Little Switch Bitch, she suggested that I should use this vibrator backwards, as in, use the clitoral arm internally and have the shaft as the clitoral arm. This was more for G-Spotting than to get it to fit my anatomy, because prior to this conversation I hadn’t yet used the Nova and had no idea that it wouldn’t fit me.

So, I decided to take her suggestion and turn the vibrator around. Surprisingly this way everything seemed to fit, the clitoral arm has an internal length of 4 inches when stretched out, and due to the flexible curve it managed to hit my G-spot with ease, while the longer ‘shaft’ was able to find, reach and stimulate my clitoris. Thankfully, the fact that I can (and prefer) to use the Nova with the APP means that I can continue using it reversed as I never need to press any buttons. Using it this way felt pretty damn good and it does provide some spectacular orgasms. Though, if I’m honest, while the Nova is great, I still do prefer to use the Tango and a separate dildo.


Tantus – Pelt Silicone Paddle

The pelt paddle comes in rather simplistic packaging, with just a see through plastic bag to keep it safe in transit. Honestly, I’d suggest you also keep the packaging; you don’t have to rip it to open it, and it stops it gathering dust when not in use.


The paddle Material

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, this paddle can really pack a punch – and because it’s silicone it is completely hypoallergenic, and can be fully cleaned and sterilised after each use! Which is fantastic if it’s going to be used with more than one partner. Cleaning and maintaining is an absolute delight, you can boil it – clean it with a 10% bleach solution – i.e 90% hot water 10% bleach. You can even just throw this baby in the dishwasher and let that do the cleaning for you.

How does it feel?

Due to the material Pelt is incredibly flexible (Which really adds to the sting) you can even bend this back upon itself – due to this it doesn’t really require any effort to wield it in the slightest. And since you can fully submerse this in water guess what else it’s good for? Yup! Shower play. Though I will warn you, before you run off to the shower with this thing, the toy gives an incredible sting when it’s dry and when it’s wet, my God it gives a huge smack that has the ability to bring tears to your eyes with even the mildest smack – (I love it)

Not going to lie, I totally made quack sounds whilst taking this pic.

Not going to lie, I totally made quack sounds whilst taking this pic.


Pelt has an overall length of 11.6 inches – 6 inches of that is the handle, with 5.5 inches as the length of the spanking surface. As the paddle is oval in shape the width of it is 3.1 inches at its widest point, with a depth of 0.2 inches on the spanking surface and 0.5 inches on the handle.


Why I like it!

I used to think I was weird, the girl who loves pain; not pain in the sense of an epic toothache, I don’t like that. But the pain that comes from being spanked, it opens up something within me; tingles seem to shoot around my body from the point of impact, leaving me breathless yet begging for more. Now I know that I’m not actually weird (Well I am weird, but not because of that) a lot of people enjoy this, and it’s great!

Because I love to be spanked so much, I’m always looking out for new things to be hit by, don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a good spank from the OH’s hand, but I’m a girl and I need my accessories. I’m not girly in the sense that I collect purses and shoes, no – I collect paddles, whips, floggers; basically anything that will inflict some kind of pain.IMG_0779

I’ve eye fucked the Tantus paddle range for a while, I hadn’t previously owned a silicone paddle; but I do own a silicone riding crop – so I could just imagine the pain that one of these paddles would inflict. I lusted after one – I wanted the Pelt! I have no idea why I wanted this one specifically but I had an inkling that this one would deliver something special.


Before I even removed the paddle from its protective sleeve I knew it was something special – I couldn’t wait to have this brought down against my skin. Within seconds, I had the packaging off and was stroking the glorious silicone – it felt freaking amazing. Although at that moment I had no one to play with, that didn’t stop me from pulling down my pants and giving myself a quick smack. I had to, generally I don’t do this; usually I wait until my spanking partner is here so I can feel it the first time with her. But not this time, I couldn’t wait!

The Pelt had been teasing me for far too long and I HAD to know what it felt like; so with my pants down I found myself bending over the arm of the sofa and bringing down the paddle against my bare arse with quite a force; and my GOD it felt even better than it looked. The sting that it left was just amazing, it sent waves of delicious pain through me – my eyes widened and my mouth opened as it made me gasp involuntarily. It was then that I knew, this paddle and I would be great friends; I was going to love the Pelt for a long arse time – I also knew that I now didn’t just want one paddle, I wanted the whole collection. That’s all it took, one smack for me to know that I needed an entire army of silicone paddles in my life. (I’d probably give them all ranks and everything)

With my new found love I got to messaging my partner in Bondage crime – although I was dying to be hit again, I decided that she was going to get it first; which is rather sadistic of me I guess, since yes she loves to be tied up and she also loves a good spank, pain doesn’t do to her what it does to me. I needed to know what it would do to her, and I wasn’t going to give her the chance to gauge my reaction first. She didn’t know what had arrived that day, so a quick message of ‘Yo, new toys for our testing pleasure – You’re up first’ was sent to my unsuspecting guest.IMG_0785

She knew something was up of course, it’s not usual that I opt for her arse to be smacked first, so she was slightly nervous – but knowing me, she shouldn’t have been really. I didn’t let her hold the paddle first, honestly she’d have probably been slightly nervous expecting it to hurt like a bitch. (Which it totally can do) if you’ve never used a silicone paddle before and want to, then I recommend doing what I did with her. Starting off slowly, with short soft taps, and increasing them. That way we knew what her limit was. Honestly with this paddle it wasn’t much – she doesn’t have the pain threshold that I do.

Although she really enjoyed this paddle, she said she does prefer more of a Thud than the stinging sensation that the Pelt delivers.

Finally it was her turn to wield this, and since I’d tortured her first; she was really going to go all the way with this! I couldn’t wait.


As I said earlier I tested this paddle on myself first, so I kind of knew what sensation it was that I was going to receive; but that was nothing compared to the sensations I received when someone else was dealing the blows. It was incredibly intense – this paddle is small in size, but holy fuck it can certainly pack a punch; it can deliver a harsh sting even with minimal movement behind it – As a pain slut, I was in love with the Pelt from first hit; it’s now been renamed to ‘Fucking Glorious’ because to me, that’s exactly what it is – It looks tame, but it’s certainly not something to underestimate.

Some food for thought

After using this I love it being dunked in ice cold water, and then it being rubbed against my red hot burning backside – it feels so good, the coldness on the smooth silicone – soothing the sting that it had created. The different sensations you can get from this are fantastic.

Wrapping up

The Fucking Glorious paddle is everything I could have hoped for; high quality, compact sized and delivers a breath taking gloriously painful sting, which sounds just as good when it impacts the skin, and leaves some brilliant bruising on my arse – It is great value for money and with proper care it could last a life time. If you’ve never tried silicone before DO IT NOW! What are you waiting for?


Lelo Mona Wave Review


I’d seen advertised everywhere the newly released Mona Wave, It looked amazing, and as such I really wanted to try it. I’d heard outstanding things about the Mona 2, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying one though, so I was extremely excited to be able to review the Mona Wave.

My reviewing process

I’m not sure about other reviewers processes, but myself I try not to read any other reviews on an item that I haven’t yet reviewed myself. As in that I already have that item to review, but haven’t yet made up my mind about it, or haven’t yet got around to trying it. I avoid the reviews because I don’t want other people’s opinions to potentially have an effect on my own. However in this instance I did end up reading a review before I’d even tried this toy, I was asked by a friend to proof read theirs; and I have to say it left me feeling a little deflated, any hopes I had for this toy just simply jumped out of the window – and I felt like I was just going to hate it.

On to the review

The Lelo Wave comes in the usual lovely packaging by Lelo, with the black outer box, and the vibe neatly nestled inside. You also get a storage bag, a wall charging cable and a small sachet of lubricant.


The vibrator itself is lovely, the whole of it is covered with a glorious silky smooth silicone. Although the vibrator in its entirety is made from silicone there is still a seam between the handle and the shaft.


The shaft is white – and has a buttons in the centre; There are five buttons in total, the circular button is solely to switch on and off the vibe, this is great! If you share a house and hear someone coming you can just press it and it’ll instantly be turned off, woo no more pressing and holding in for several seconds. You do however have to hold the button in for 2 seconds to switch it on.  The up and down arrow go through the many different modes (10 in total), with the + and – button going through the different speeds.

The new settings on this also have a ‘remember’ factor, so once you’ve found that perfect pattern and switch off the vibe, it will still be on that pattern once you turn it back on. A feature I particularly enjoyed, since there are so many settings! I’d hate to have to go through each one every time I use it, to find the one that works for me.

Water proof

Although the charging port is exposed it is still fully submersible; so you can play with the Mona Wave in the bath/shower. It also makes clean up a breeze – either clean it with some sex toy cleaner, or pop it in some warm water and give it a thorough wipe down; make sure to clean in-between the handle and shaft though as some gunk may get trapped in there.

As I said, I was a little hesitant about trying this, due to the negative review I’d read, however I found that I actually really loved this vibrator. I haven’t tried the Mona 2, so the differences that have been pointed out wasn’t an issue for me at all.

How did it perform?

I found that I wasn’t able to orgasm from thrusting the vibrator at all, it just did nothing for me, I also wasn’t able to orgasm from just using this alone – which is sad, but honestly not that much of a surprise to me. However when I used this combined with a clitoral vibrator I was able to have some seriously strong orgasms; so although I wasn’t able to climax from using this as a vibrator alone, I still REALLY like this vibe quite a lot. The motion part of it is great, (although I do have to keep a tight hold of the handle so that the shaft doesn’t stop ‘waving’ when my pelvic muscles tighten – as I found if I don’t do that then the handle will wave and the shaft just won’t.) it was able to tip me over the edge from what would have been an OK orgasm to something so much more.


It’s not the quietest vibe, but by no means is it the loudest I’ve ever heard; the vibrations could be increased and I would like the wave motion to be a little quicker – but all in all I actually think it’s a really great vibrator and I’m really glad it didn’t live up to the expectations I had after reading some other reviews. it just goes to show, what works for one person may not work for someone else.

We-Vibe 4 Plus Review

We VIbe 4 Plus in the charger


On the 27th of August 2018 my life was changed, OK that sounds slightly dramatic but it isn’t any less true. I am in a LDR (Long distance relationship) my partner spends most of our relationship in Canada and I spend most of it in the UK; we are approximately 3,454 miles apart – the lack of physical contact hurts, it’s annoying and we’re constantly finding ways to make the most of our time together when we’re apart! Of course like most LDRs we have phone sex, skype sex and whatever kind of intimacy we can have when we’re not able to be physically intimate.

So what changed?

Over the years we’ve been together I’ve been on the hunt – looking for a sex toy that could be controlled by him – or by me when we’re not in the same room. The Idea of vibrating love eggs was appealing, the ability for my lover to be able to make me squirm in situations when we’re out and about; the problem with those toys is the remote doesn’t like being 1 meter away on occasions let alone 3,454 miles away *Sigh* – I’ve searched high and low for toys that will make the distance more bearable and not toys that just claim to be designed for LDRs! I mean OK yes we have Phone sex which generally involves me fucking myself and him fucking himself at the same time, it’s exciting and can be intimate but it is no way near the same as him fucking me or if he can’t be here something fucking me that he controls. And then I saw it, the ‘press release’ for the We-Vibe 4 Plus the new revolutionary couples sex toy, I’ve had a We-Vibe before it was great – but it was only great when we were together not when we were apart, I wasn’t all that excited until I saw it – The sex toy designed not only for when couples were together but for also when they’re apart! The ability to control your lover’s toy with a phone app! I literally shouted WAIT..WHAT?! At my monitor as I looked for as much information as I could possibly find out about this toy! You need a smart phone, your partner needs a smart phone and hey presto he can in theory control my orgasms from Canada. Are you fucking shitting me?! I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

It felt like a decade passed from the announcement of the release of the We-Vibe 4 Plus to when it was actually released and now here it was! And I needed it; I couldn’t wait any longer this toy had taunted me for what seemed like years, I needed to try it right now, and I needed to see if my OH could in fact make me orgasm from over 3000 miles away.

The Packaging and what’s inside the box:

The packacking

The We-Vibe 4 Plus comes beautifully packaged as with all the We-Vibe items that I currently own. The box is lovely, and makes a great storage box when your toy isn’t in use. I love that the boxes with We-Vibe items are colour coordinated so for my Grey toy, I got an elegant grey and white box.

Opening the packaging – nice and stylish


Inside the box you get your charging station, which also has a lid so it’s fab for when you just want to leave it on your side table; it looks discreet and it keeps all the dust and other bits off your toy that silicone tends to attract. You also get a USB charger that plugs in to the back of the charging station – I like the fact you can charge it via USB but I do wish a lot of the USB chargers would also come with an adapter that you’re able to plug in to the wall. Generally I don’t have my laptop by the bed, so being able to plug the toys in to charge near the bed would be better for me – If like me you prefer wall charging though it’s only a couple of quid to purchase an adapter. You of course also get the We-Vibe 4 plus which does look beautiful it is made from high quality silky smooth silicone which feels divine, and finally you get a remote control, and user instructions.

Out of the box



Setting up and getting started:

As with most rechargeable toys they’re not always ready from the box to use straight away *Sigh* which does mean it has to be charged before it can be used! It takes about 4 hours to fully charge your toy and a full charge will give you approximately 3 hours of play time – whilst charging the orange light on the docking station will blink, once that light becomes stationary your device is fully charged and ready to use!

Everything else is incredibly easy to use considering there are three different ways of operating this toy.

Firstly you can operate your toy via the remote control, this comes pre synced to your device, but if for some reason it’s not synced or it somehow gets un-synced (Like mine did) it is easily fixed –

Re-syncing your remote to the device

Toy with remote

If for some reason you have to re-sync simply press and hold the control button on the We-Vibe 4 Plus for 5 seconds, it will vibrate twice which lets you know that it’s ready to be synced. With the control next to the We-Vibe press and hold any button on the remote for 5 seconds – a light will flash three times and your We-Vibe will also vibrate three times and Hey Presto your device is now re-synced and ready to be used with the remote. The remote has a working distance of approximately 3 meters.

The top button on the remote will turn your toy on and increase the power, the right and left button controls the modes, left will go back a mode and the right will go forward a mode, the bottom button will de-crease the vibrations and holding the button in for a few seconds will turn your device off.

I like the control, but honestly I don’t use it. I find the smart phone application a much better way of controlling my toy.

You can also control your We-Vibe by the ‘control’ button that’s actually on the We-Vibe itself – Pressing it in and continually pressing it will change the settings and increase the vibrations.

The Branding

Honestly, I don’t use this way of controlling – It just seems like such a pain especially when your toy is inserted.

Finally – You have the option to control your toy via the Smart Phone application – to use this with a smart phone both yourself and your partner will have to have a smart phone that is compatible with Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0) your smart phone will either have to be an iPhone 4S/iOS7 OR Newer or an Android device which is OS 4.3 or later. You can find a full list of compatible phones at

If you have the necessary phones to be able to connect your smart phone to your We-Vibe! WHAY you’re in for some fun! Well… At least I thought it was fun – A lot of fun.

Connecting the APP is surprisingly simple, just download it either from the Apple Store or Google Play and follow the on screen instructions to set it up, Once set up your partner also downloads it and follows the on screen instructions! It took me and my OH less than 5 minutes to download, install and set up before he was messing around with the vibe from across the globe.

Once it is set up on both of your phones your partner can request to play with you – This will send the person who has the actual device either a txt message or an email to their phones; when you click on the link it will essentially sync your partners APP to your APP and let them control the We-Vibe 4 Plus from wherever they may be. **Edit – The APP has been updated since writing this review, and you can find a more recent review of the We-Vibe APP HERE**

App settings
The We-Vibe 4 Plus In action


Also to be able to set it up so you can control from your smart phone you will need the model number from your box – If you’re someone who gets rid of the packaging quite quickly please remember that the model number is on the box so you may want to make a note of it before you get rid of the packaging – and keep a note of it just in case the We-Vibe somehow manages to un-sync itself/you change phones.

Cleaning and maintaining your product

The We-Vibe 4 Plus is fully waterproof which makes clean up a breeze, simply pop it in some warm soapy water and clean; I also like to spray mine down with sex toy cleaner and rinse, then allow it to fully dry before putting it back inside its charging case. There are visible seams on this toy, also ‘We-Vibe’ and the model number is protruding from the silicone – Just make sure when you’re cleaning it that you get everything from in-between the letters.

ONLY the toy is waterproof the remote is not, just wipe your remote down with a damp cloth to keep clean. Please also keep this in mind if you’re going to be using the We-Vibe 4 Plus in the shower or bath, you may want to use the controls on the toy to ensure you don’t accidentally water damage the remote.

Close up of the toy

As your product is silicone it is advised by We-Vibe that you only use a good quality water based lubricant with this toy, as some other lubricants may damage the silicone finish which will diminish the life expectancy of it. Personally I tend to mostly use water based lubricants anyways so this really isn’t an issue for me. If you are insistent on using another lubricant be then please do a spot check on the top of your toy first before to make sure it doesn’t damage your toy.

My Experience:

I don’t think I have ever been so excited to receive a toy before, I mean I have a lot of sex toys, but this didn’t feel like it was just for me. It was a toy for ‘us’ and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

As soon as it did I ripped open the box like a kid at Christmas, admired it and quickly put it on charge so it was ready for when the OH woke up. He’s in Canada right now so he is 5hrs behind me in time, so although it was 9am for me, it was still 4am for him and I had several hours to wait before he’d wake up and we could test it out for the first time together.

Now with the OH finally awake; the toy fully charged; we could finally start playing with it. We set up the APP; this was a lot easier than I expected it to be. Just a quick download of the application – follow the onscreen instructions and within minutes we had both registered the device to our phones. Now as much as I like the APP function, I’m not overly keen on the fact that he had to ask permission before he could use it. Yes OK I get that during the registration of the device getting permission is necessary but every time he wants to control it? I can’t find anywhere in the settings where I can change him needing permission to ‘play’ with me. Since it goes idle after 30minutes with no play time it is a bit of a pain, he wanted to tell me to wear it on some occasions and just randomly switch it on; and although technically he could still tell me when to wear it and request permission to use it, he has 30minutes before he has to do anything with it – it still takes some of the surprise element out of it when I have to confirm on my phone that he can connect to it and I have a mental timer of 30minutes ticking as I know it HAS to be used within this time if he doesn’t want to ask permission again. I do understand that in some situations this can be necessary, I just wish there was an option in the settings to remove this if you wished to do so and already registered and approved users could control it whenever they wanted to. (Could the APP be updated for this?)

My favorite type of message!

Insertion of the toy was simple, add a bit of water basted lube and pop it in; now the clitoral arm falls just short of my clitoris which sucks; however I found that due to the deep rumbly vibrations it did still manage to massage my clit, which was great!

So the toy was in, the APPs were set up. Slightly dubious still I tell the OH to play with the APP. It actually worked, I couldn’t believe it – I’m getting super excited! (And not only because I was being massaged internally and externally) He’s bouncing, for fewer reasons than I am though; I’m really enjoying the sensations that he is giving me – he however thinks he is playing a new video game. That’s my man; the guy loves tech, any kind of tech and he’s all over it, so this – he was all over. Pressing all the buttons, testing EVERYTHING, the speeds going up and down, stopping the speed on one and having it on another bit, playing with all the different settings – I’m seriously happy to report that it actually worked, he gave me multiple orgasms from 3,454 miles away, he also denied me orgasms from 3,454 miles away too; not going to lie it was incredibly hot.

Since my partner is currently in Canada I do need to make it clear that him and I have not used this toy together as in he is inside me whilst the We-Vibe 4 plus is; tragically that will have to wait, however I have used this toy whilst I have fucked myself with a dildo and it felt extremely comfortable and I was able to thrust the dildo without the We-Vibe coming out.

Showing the flexibility

My Opinion

I actually seriously enjoy using the We-Vibe 4 Plus, it is amazing; I love that the OH is able to control the settings, even though the power did go to his head quite a lot; and he would turn it off right when I was about to climax, change it to the patterned settings – that I didn’t like as much! – He actually wants a way to change the name of the patterns so he can further torment me by knowing exactly which ones I’m not keen on as sometimes he finds himself thinking I dislike the pattern when I actually don’t.

I love the fact that we can play around like this whilst the distance is there, that he is able to control the vibrations; he could turn them off whenever he wanted (as long as I’d gave him permission to play with me) and he could change the settings – It is truly fantastic, It is the closest I’d felt to him without him being there. I also noticed that the We-Vibe 4 plus is quite loud when it’s not inserted but when it is and under clothes it can’t really be heard.

I really dislike that he can’t control this without getting permission to do so each time! There are so many things we’d love to be able to do with this, and although, yes we could still technically do them – The element of surprise is gone with it. I can’t wear it in to the Cinema and think he could potentially do something with it at any time since well I’d have to give him that permission and the element of surprise would be gone. Also when using the APP I disliked that I wasn’t able to ask my partner to play with me, it would be really great if the APP could be updated with this function maybe with a cheeky message that displays on the other persons phone or having the ability to customise messages so that they’re personal to your relationship would be great.

I also dislike all the seams on the toy, there seems to be an awful lot of them; although the toy is still lovely to look at and the silicone feels super silky smooth – also you can’t feel them when the toy is inside you but you’d think for the price of the toy the seams would be more hidden than what they actually are.

I would love it if toys like this came in three different sized clitoral arms – short, medium and long that way you could pick which one you would think would fit your body more! I have a lot of fun with this toy, I could only imagine the fun I could have if the clitoral arm went over my clitoris and not sit just below it.

That being said though I love this toy, it will be one of my most used toys and I personally think it is well worth the price tag – it manages to not only bring multiple orgasms for me to the table but it also helps me be more intimate with my partner even though we’re in different countries. I really think this is not only a fantastic toy for couples but is an amazing toy for other LDRs and I highly recommend it.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus has now been discontinued and a newer version the We-Vibe Sync is now available

After use…


Womanizer Toy Review

Initially I was excited to receive this item, I’d heard so many great things about it – I’d read reviews where people had orgasms within seconds. I was thrilled, people whom I know to be power queens hailed the Womanizer.

First impressions

I looked at it for a while, since it looks so strange, I mean it looks like some warped breed between an ear thermometer and a lady shave; and well the colour and patterned scheme is horrendous, I really dislike the look of this thing, and I received one of the nicer looking ones (at the time of writing this). I really don’t understand the thought process that went in to designing this, it’s like they got someone in; and said ‘name three things women like?’ and their reply was ‘Oh, Pink, Animals and  Jewels’ and from that this thing was created. I was assured by others that once I try it; I will no longer care what it looked it.

The Womanizer!

It just seemed to come from nowhere, this strange looking toy making people squirm with pleasure, I wanted to try it and see what all the fuss was about. I emailed Womanizer and asked them to send me this item to review.

The packaging

I was quite surprised by the packaging, the way this thing is designed I was expecting the packaging to look awful and somewhat tasteless, but it exceeded my expectations. The Womanizer also comes complete with a handy little storage case which is great, however I really wish that ‘Womanizer’ wasn’t wrote on the top of it, it’s not really all that discreet if left out.

Packaging for the Womanizer

How to charge The womanizer

It comes with a USB charger, and it took about 4hours to fully charge; once charged I ran upstairs in a bid to put this thing through its paces, lubed up and ready to go I turned it on. It makes the strangest chugging noise, reminds me of an old train for some reason.


womanizer performance

At first it felt quite nice, it was a strange sensation; I didn’t really notice any form of ‘sucking’ nor did I feel any form of vibrations at all; for some reason it felt like a cold air was being blown on my clit – I’m really not sure how else to describe it – I was more than ready to increase the speed, so pressing the over sized fake jewel made the chugging go a bit faster, and I became more aware of the cold air blowing on me; after laying there for what seemed like hours, but was probably minutes; I was already bored, and the cold air blowing on me seemed to get colder, and more biting. I decided to hurry this along and increased the speed to its highest setting, initially it felt great; there was an O, an Ah and at one point even an OMG, it felt amazing. it however didn’t feel amazing for long, probably a second maybe two and then I felt irritated, annoyed and frustrated. Putting it back on the lowest speed it felt nice again, only to again feel irritating within seconds. I had to constantly increase and decrease the speed to stop it from irritating me. I’ve tried different methods of using it; putting it on my clit, holding it over my clit, keeping it perfectly still, slightly moving it; no matter what I did, the outcome remained the same. The cold sensation that I originally felt at first felt mild, but with prolonged use it just seemed to feel like a biting cold, that actually hurt!

Close up of the front
Close up of the side

This is my experience with the Womanizer, this is every experience I’ve had with the Womanizer; It just does not seem to work for me at all, it irritates me! I’ve tried this thing more times than I can count on both hands and every single time I tried it, I didn’t even manage any form of orgasm. I was so frustrated that each and every-time, I’d want to throw the thing at the wall (I didn’t) – I’d pull out my trusted Tango or my Doxy and continue with the session – every time I used the Womanizer prior to using my Doxy or Tango it took me in excess of 30 minutes to achieve a single orgasm – that doesn’t happen to me, never once had it taken me longer than 10 minutes, let alone 30 minutes to come with one of these two toys UNLESS I use the Womanizer first. It’s like it de-sensitized my clit.

I was convinced my clit was broken; it was taking me so long to reach orgasm that I literally fell asleep at one point with the Tango still pressed against my clit! I’d never had to work so hard for an orgasm before.

The Wrap up

I don’t know what it is about the Womanizer, but it does not like me; and it never wants me to achieve an orgasm.  Never before have I dreaded masturbating than I did when I was testing this toy daily – Lots of people have had huge success with this, you can see some of their reviews; tragically though I am not one of these people, and this thing is being banished – I don’t care where it goes but I don’t want to look at it again.

This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review from Womanizer.

Minna Limon Review

Editor’s rating

Pros – Nice packaging, somewhat strong vibrations Cons – Vibrations are more in the body, vibrates the hand. Did nothing for me.

Time for the review

Ah! Minna Limon, I am so disappointed in you. I had such high hopes, and I wanted so badly to love you; but I just didn’t, at all.IMG_0925

The Minna Limon comes beautifully packaged, I actually really like the packaging. I love the way the vibrator is standing proudly when you remove the top of the cylinder shaped box –

IMG_0910Once you remove the top in-lay you’ll find a USB charger, storage bag and a manual.

Charging is interesting

Charging the toy is incredibly easy, you simply plug the USB into a computer or a wall socket adapter – once it’s on the charging base rotate it until the magnets ‘snap’ into place. Once it is correctly connected the Limon will do one of two things; the light will either blink to let you know it’s charging or it will stay lit up (This is when it is fully charged). As I said, charging couldn’t be simpler, however the light that blinks is so flipping annoying. It’s so bright, bright enough IMO that it could be used as a night light. If you need discretion then don’t leave this charging on your side table, because the beacon of light isn’t exactly subtle.

Limon, lighting the path for all
Limon, lighting the path for all

Limon, lighting the path for all

What I like and don’t like

Limon, lighting the path for allI really like some aspects of this toy, there are things that are done so well, and others not so well. One of the features I really like is how it lets you know that it’s low battery and needs to be charged. When you turn the vibrator on it will light up and then pulse, the number of pulsations indicate battery level. If it pulses once (or doesn’t pulse at all) it is low battery, twice is medium battery and three times indicates that it’s at full battery. I like this a lot, it lets me know ahead of my wank if it’s going to be slow, patient session; or a rush to the finish line. It’s a really nice feature.

Close up of the Minna Limon

The Limon is made from silicone which is ‘pumped up’, this created your squishy vibe. The idea here is that you squeeze the vibe and dependant on how hard you squeeze will determine how strong the vibrations will be. It all sounds good… In theory, in practice however it annoyed the shit out of me.

How about the performance

The vibrations are rumbly, so that’s a good start, and it is quite powerful; however the harder I squeezed the stronger the vibrations would vibrate… my hand! Look at the shape of this thing, I know where I’m thinking the vibrations would be concentrated, and if you’re thinking the same thing, it’d be the nub  right? That small protruding tip… Wrong. The vibrations are all around the thing and honestly they seem stronger in the middle than they do at the nub. My hand was vibrating so much, that I was only focused on that, and how I didn’t like the sensation at all; because I spent this time concentrating on the vibrations that were currently annoying the shit out of my hand, I couldn’t feel anything on my clit. I found that every single time I used this setting I got pissed off, in fact I ranted about this so much mid wank that my OH burst out laughing and suggested that I’d probably like this more as a kegal exerciser than a vibrator. He’s not wrong, I probably would enjoy the squeezing technique as a kegal exerciser – I’d kegal the fuck out of that thing (Something Minna have now made).

Clearly the squeezing wasn’t working for me! but luckily the Minna Limon has a record feature, that lets you record your own patterns – I don’t like patterns, so I recorded the highest setting so I could just use that, without squeezing. I thought this would go well, but it just didn’t. The shape is just too rounded and the nub at the end just isn’t pronounced enough to give me the direct stimulation that I require.  Even without squeezing the vibrations where still mainly concentrated around the middle, so my labia got most of the vibrations, with my clitoris just being left out.

The packaging is fairly cute too

My body type seems to play a huge part in not liking this vibrator, I have a full labia and buried clit, so holding this on its side to try and get the vibrations that way just didn’t work. I think it’d probably work out well if you have an exposed clitoris, but for me – it didn’t like my buried clit and wanted to vibrate everywhere else.

Minna Limon Wrap Up

I wanted so badly to love this toy, I’d lusted after it for quite a while, but it just didn’t work for me. I liked it being used on my nipples, and being gently dragged across my skin; but in its quest to give me orgasms it failed – quite badly, I didn’t even manage to squeeze out a small pitiful one.